Allen, T.

East Mississippi Soybean Variety Trial Report

By: Mark Harrison, Normie Buehring, Brad Burgess, and Tom W. Allen

Even though the attached information has been posted on the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board website (, we felt it would be helpful to also include the information on the Crop Situation Blog (2013 NMREC soybean variety trial report).  The information contained within the variety trial report originates from the soybean variety trials conducted during the 2013 season at the North Mississippi Research and Extension Center in Verona, MS.

In addition to the variety trial at Verona being harvested for yield comparisons, foliar disease observations were conducted to determine the differences between varieties for Cercospora blight (late-season Cercospora) and frogeye leaf spot.  The rest of the disease ratings from the variety trial locations around the state (Brooksville, Clarksdale, Falkner, Longwood, Olive Branch, Raymond, and Stoneville) will be posted after the first of the year.

When considering the response of a particular variety at a given location, keep in mind, that since the environment at each location differed throughout the season that disease ratings likely differ by location.  When choosing a variety for disease tolerance, consider how the variety has performed across numerous locations.

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