2013 MSU Corn Demonstration Program Results

Demo PlotThis program is intended to provide corn growers, crop consultants and other ag professionals additional information to help assess future hybrid performance and adaptability in your fields. Hybrids selected for inclusion in this program must demonstrate superior grain yield performance in the MSU Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials in either dryland or irrigated culture. This performance is evaluated annually and those top-yielding hybrids are published as “MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions.” A seed company earning entry may alter hybrid choice, if conditions warrant. These two standardized sets of superior-yielding hybrids are respectively grown at numerous field locations around the state according to crop culture. MSU Extension Service Area Agronomic Crop Agents coordinate locations with grower cooperators, and supervise plots during the season.

The objective of the Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program is to provide opportunity for clientele to evaluate premier hybrids during the entire season and substantially supplement the information gathered in the University Hybrid Trials. This program increases hybrid exposure and is well suited to evaluate various plant characteristics and environmental responses that may be impractical to accomplish otherwise.

2013 MSU Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results

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