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Buehring, N.

Preliminary 2012 Rice On-Farm Variety Trial Information

🕔16:15, 15.Nov 2012

In an effort to get information out in a timely, I am posting a preliminary copy of the 2012 Rice On-farm Variety Trial Booklet. Any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.

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Delta Research and Extension Center Rice Field Tomorrow

🕔15:44, 30.Jul 2012

This is a friendly reminder that the Rice Field at Delta Research and Extension Service in Stoneville, MS will be tomorrow (July 31, 2012).   Registration at Capps Center- 2:00 pm.   Rice Market Outlook presentation by Milo Hamilton –

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Rice Disease Update July 13, 2012

🕔13:09, 13.Jul 2012

This is video update of the current disease situation in rice. Please click on the following link to watch.

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Rice Progress and Condition

🕔13:51, 29.Jun 2012

Rice Acreage Report

USDA released their final planting intensions report today. Mississippi is still reported as having 135,000 acres of long grain rice. Estimated long grain acres in other states are estimated as follows: Arkansas 1,140,000 acres, California 5,000 acres, Louisiana 355,000 acres, Missouri 195,000 acres, and Texas 110,000. The total long grain rice acres in 2012 are estimated at 1,940,000 acres. That is an increase of 146,000 acres or 8% from 2011. Also, this acreage report was 4% higher than the March planting intentions report. This latest acreage report coupled with sluggish export sales has bearish implications on the rice market.

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Delta Research and Extension Center’s Corn/Soybean (July 19) and Rice (July 31) Agronomic Crop Field Days

🕔11:25, 13.Jun 2012

The DREC will be holding two separate field days, one for corn and soybean on July 19 and one for rice on July 31.

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Herbicide Drift Is Not What It Use Be

🕔11:36, 18.May 2012

Over last week or so, calls have become to trickle in on sick rice after the flood has been established. In most of these cases, the rice does not want to grow with the fertilizer and a flood on it. After inspecting these fields, signs of herbicide damage are evident on the foliage. When most of the calls come in, the producers believe that it is either a fertility, insect or disease issue. However, those issues generally occur in patches or spots where some areas are worse than others. Herbicide drift usually occurs across the whole field with one side being worse than the other. Also, rice that is on the levee can give you a general direction in where it came from.

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Rice Season Races Along With Some Hurdles to Jump

🕔11:31, 20.Apr 2012

Rice Acreage: On March 30th USDA estimated that Mississippi will plant 135,000 acres of rice. That is down 16% from 2011 and the lowest acreage since the mid 1970’s. Talking with producers and seed retailers, I would estimate that Mississippi acres will be closer 100,000 acres. There are a lot of farmers across the delta that will not be planting any rice and it has been over 40 years since they have done that. Stagnant rice prices and high urea prices have not encouraged any additional plantings. The recent upswing in urea prices will not have a significant impact on rice acres.

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Top iPad Apps for Agriculture

🕔14:43, 23.Mar 2012

Below is a short list of apps that I have found helpful in the agriculture world. This list is by no means the only ones available or useful. These are just the ones I found to be pertinent and can help your overall productivity. I am sure there are more apps out there that could be beneficial, but I may not have discovered them yet. As always, I welcome your comments.

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2011 Rice Research Report

🕔11:15, 9.Feb 2012

This is a brief review of the many agronomy, breeding, pest management, soil fertility, and water conservation research projects funded by the Mississippi Rice Promotion Board.

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Delta Ag Expo Set For January 17-18 In Cleveland, Mississippi

🕔14:29, 9.Jan 2012

You are invited to the 2012 Delta Ag Expo. The Delta Ag Expo provides farmers and others interested in agriculture an opportunity to see the latest technology in agricultural products, services, and information. You will have the opportunity to view agricultural exhibits and talk with extension and research personnel and get up-to-date information for planning your crop year.

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