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Cook, D.

Bollworms Showing up in Soybeans

Bollworms Showing up in Soybeans

🕔16:06, 17.Jul 2015

In just the last 3-5 there have been several reports of bollworms now showing up at threshold numbers in soybeans in the Delta region of the state. In many other areas of the Delta folks are reporting flushing extremely high

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Scouting and Managing Rice Blast

Scouting and Managing Rice Blast

🕔08:40, 17.Jul 2015

Rice leaf blast has been observed most of the rice season throughout the MS Delta. In addition, neck blast has been observed in some fields that were infected early on with the blast fungus.

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Cotton Insect Update: July 10, 2015

🕔19:02, 10.Jul 2015

Tarnished plant bug populations have continued to be high over the last couple weeks in the Delta. A lot of the cotton is at or near the bloom stage when it is most attractive to plant bugs.

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Reminder: Row Crop Technology Showcase July 15 and 16, 2015

🕔17:41, 10.Jul 2015

Field days scheduled for next week will highlight crops with new and developing herbicide and insect trait technologies. These field days will be held at the following locations: Brooksville – July 15 The Row Crop Technology Showcase at Brooksville will

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Sugarcane Aphid Update: 7/3/2015

🕔15:20, 3.Jul 2015

We are now beginning to get numerous calls from around the state about sugarcane aphid infestations. Populations range from very low to well above threshold with treatments becoming more common this week. At this time aphids are being found in the Hills and

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Adult Plant Bugs Migrating Into Cotton: Square Retention Critical

🕔16:47, 26.Jun 2015

In some areas of the Delta there have been reports of plant bug numbers really picking up this week. The following article talks about the ease and importance of monitoring fruit set in cotton. Square retention is a critical component of

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Mid-Season Rice Update

Mid-Season Rice Update

🕔15:13, 19.Jun 2015

I would like to call this a midseason rice update, but in actuality we have rice in Mississippi ranging from one leaf to late boot in places, but most of the rice crop should be at or reaching mid-season.  Similar

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Mississippi State University Turn Row Field Day: Clarksdale, MS July 9, 2015

Mississippi State University Turn Row Field Day: Clarksdale, MS July 9, 2015

🕔14:29, 19.Jun 2015

An agronomic crops field day will be held at Cliff Heaton farms, just east of the intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 6. The field day will be held in the cotton field on the south side of the road. MSU Extension Specialists will be present to discuss topics in corn, cotton, grain sorghum, peanut, rice and soybean.

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Rice Stink Bug Update: June 19,2015

🕔09:36, 19.Jun 2015

As some of the earliest planted rice is getting close to heading, it is time to start thinking about rice stink bug. We have been sweeping headed grass around the Delta for the past two weeks to determine what kind of populations are around.

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Soybean Insect Management: The Most Common Questions and Myths…

🕔07:58, 19.Jun 2015

This is a recycled article from 2012 and slightly updated but it fits well with recent calls. Sentences in italics have been added or updated since original posting. I have been getting quite a few calls about whether or not

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