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Walker, T.

Delta Ag Expo, Cleveland, MS – January 23 & 24, 2014

Delta Ag Expo, Cleveland, MS – January 23 & 24, 2014

🕔11:08, 11.Jan 2014

Attached please find the agenda for the Delta Ag Expo in Cleveland, MS. Make careful note that the dates of the meeting have changed from previous years due to a minor scheduling conflict with the Bolivar County Exposition Center.

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Rice Leaf Blast Detected in a Blast-Susceptible Variety in Bolivar and Sunflower Counties

Rice Leaf Blast Detected in a Blast-Susceptible Variety in Bolivar and Sunflower Counties

🕔22:10, 8.Aug 2013

Blast of rice was positively confirmed in three rice fields on Tuesday afternoon. Blast lesions are specific in that the generally form a diamond-shaped lesion on the leaf.

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Mississippi Rice Progress – June 28, 2013

🕔13:48, 28.Jun 2013

Favorable weather conditions continue to help this crop progress.  Major problems outside of drift have been few for most of the spring; however, a few different issues have come up this week.  Dr. Jeff Gore was called to help address a

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Mississippi Rice Progress – May 31, 2013

Mississippi Rice Progress – May 31, 2013

🕔09:59, 1.Jun 2013

In general, rice planting is nearly completed and most rice planted before early May is going to flood.  According to USDA’s Crop Progress Report, growers in Mississippi had planted 72% of the expected acreage by Sunday, May 26.  Other than

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Aphids in Rice

🕔08:46, 24.May 2013

There have been some reports of aphids in Arkansas rice fields recently. I talked to Gus Lorenz (UofA Extension Entomologist) yesterday and he told me that they are seeing several species of aphids scattered throughout Arkansas. I have not heard of or seen any in Mississippi rice fields to date, but I wanted to make everyone aware of what is being seen in Arkansas.

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Rice Preflood Nitrogen Management

🕔15:54, 23.May 2013

Nitrogen is important for crop growth and production.  Managing this valuable input for maximum plant availability is critical to ensure optimum economic returns while minimizing the potential for negative environmental effects.  Urea is the standard N fertilizer product for rice

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Preliminary 2012 Rice On-Farm Variety Trial Information

🕔16:15, 15.Nov 2012

In an effort to get information out in a timely, I am posting a preliminary copy of the 2012 Rice On-farm Variety Trial Booklet. Any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.

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2012 Row Crop Short Course

🕔10:05, 15.Nov 2012

The 2012 Row Crop Short Course will be held from December 3-5, 2012 at the Bost Extension Center on the campus of Mississippi State University.  Pre-registration is free of charge until November 30 and will be $40 thereafter including at

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Delta Crop Summit – November 13, 2012, Stoneville, MS

🕔13:16, 26.Oct 2012

The 2012 Delta Crop Summit will be held on Tuesday, November 13, in Stoneville, MS. Please see the attached schedule.

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Delta Research and Extension Center Rice Field Tomorrow

🕔15:44, 30.Jul 2012

This is a friendly reminder that the Rice Field at Delta Research and Extension Service in Stoneville, MS will be tomorrow (July 31, 2012).   Registration at Capps Center- 2:00 pm.   Rice Market Outlook presentation by Milo Hamilton –

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