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Insecticide Classes, Reentry Intervals, and EPA Registration Numbers

Insecticide Classes, Reentry Intervals, and EPA Registration Numbers

The reentry interval is the time period required by federal law between application of pesticides to crops and the entrance of workers into those crops without protective clothing. Reentry intervals serve to protect workers from possible pesticide poisoning. Growers, scouts, and other farm laborers must effectively communicate when and where pesticides have been applied. Reentry periods vary by product. Scouts should not enter fields until all reentry intervals have expired. Safety is of utmost importance. Be sure to establish proper communication channels with all parties involved.

Producers are required to keep records, including EPA product registration numbers, of all insecticides applied to fields. Reentry intervals and product registration numbers for products not listed below are provided on the insecticide labels.

Insecticide (IRAC Class)*Reentry Interval (hours)ePA Product Registration number**Insecticide (IRAC Class)*Reentry Interval (hours)ePA Product Registration number**
Acramite12400-514Fanfare (3A)1266222-99
Admire Pro (4A)12264-827Force (3A)0100-1075
Agri-Mek (6)12100-898Fyfanon Plus ULV (1B,3A)2467760-108
Ammo (3A)12279-3027-5905Gaucho (4A)12264-968
Asana XL (3A)12352-515Hero (3A)12279-3315
Baythroid XL (3A)12264-840Intrepid (18)462719-442
Belay (4A)1259639-150Intrepid Edge (5,18)462719-666
Belt SC (28)12264-1025Intruder (4A)128033-24-10163
Besiege (3A, 28)24100-1402Karate (3A)24100-1097
Bidrin (1B)6 days5481-448Lannate (1A)72352-384
Bidrin XP II (3A, 1B)6 days5481-9024Larvin (1A)48264-379
Brigade (3A)12279-3313Leverage 360 (3A,4A)12264-1104
Brigadier (3A,4A)12279-3332Lorsban Advanced (1B)2462719-591
Carbine (9C)1271512-9-279Malathion (1B)12See label
Centric (4A)12100-1147Methyl parathion (1B)96See label
Cobalt Advanced (3A,1B)2462719-615Mustang Max (3A)12279 - 3249
Comite II (12C)7 days400-154Oberon (23)12264-850
Counter (1B)485481-545Orthene 90S (1B)2459639-33
Couraze Max (4A)12264-783-67760Poncho (4A)---264-789
Cruiser (4A)12100-941Pounce 25WP (3A)12279-3051
Curacron (1B)48100-669Portal (21A)1271711-19
Delta Gold (3A)12264-1011-1381Prevathon (28)4352-844
Declare (3A)2467760-96Radiant (5)462719-545
Denim (6)48100 - 903Sevin XLR Plus (1A)12264-333
Diamond (15)1266222-35-400Sevin 80S (1A)12264-316
Dicofol 4 (UN)1266222-56Steward (22A)12352-638
Dimethoate (1B)48See labelTemik (1A)48264-330
Dimilin (15)12400-461Tracer (5)462719-267
Di-Syston (1B)48264-734Vydate CL-V (1A)48352-532
Discipline (3A)125481-517Warrior (3A)24100-1112
Endigo ZC (3A,4A)24100-1276Zeal (10B)1259639-123

* Insecticide mode of actions class as identified by Insecticide Resistance Action Committee: 1A, carbamates; 1B, organophosphates; 3A, pyrethroids; 4A, neonicotinoids; 5, spin- osyns; 6, avermectins; 9C, flonicamid; 10B, etoxazole; 12C, organosulfurs; 15, benzolureas; 18, diacylhydrazines; 21A, METI acaricides; 22A, oxadiazines; 23 = spiromesifen; 28, diamides; UN = unknown.

** Registration numbers change with company brands, although the product name or active ingredient may be the same. Check the label to be sure.