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Row Crop Extension and Research Agronomic Crop Personnel Contact Information

Starkville: Main Campus

Angus Catchot Entomology 662 418-8163 cell
Brendan Zurweller  Peanut Agronomy 662 769-9849 cell
Brien Henry Corn Agronomy 662 325-2311 office
Brian Pieralisi Cotton Agronomy 662 592-1535 cell
Connor Ferguson Weed Science 662 325-2598 office
Dan Reynolds Soybean Agronomy 662 418-6508 cell
Erick Larson Grain Crop Agronomy 662 418-7802 cell
Fred Musser Entomology 662 325-2974 office
Trent Irby Soybean Agronomy 662 418-7842 cell

Vernoa: Northeast MS Experiment Station

Justin McCoy Agronomy 662 566-2201 office

Stoneville: Delta Research and Extension Center

Ben Lawrence Agronomy 662 316-5121 cell
Bobby Golden Rice and Soil Fertility 662 769-0274 cell
Brian Mills Agriculture Economics 662 686-9311 office
Clint Allen Entomology USDA ARS 479 530-1277 cell
Daryl Chastain Cotton Agronomy 662 686-3245 office
Don Cook  Entomology 662 255-1899 cell
Drew Gholson Irrigation 979 255-7018 cell
Jason Bond Weed Science 662 769-0268 cell
Jeff Gore Entomology 662 820-9969 cell
Tessie Wilkerson Plant Pathology 662 686-3205 office
Tom Allen Plant Pathology 662 402-9995 cell
Wayne Ebelhar Agronomy 662 686-3247 office
Whitney Crow Entomology 901 592-8787 cell

Area Agronomist

Bill Burdine North Central 662 456-0517 cell
Charlie Stokes North East 662 386-7307 cell
Dan Haire North West 662 439-1343 office


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  1. Masimba May 23, 03:26

    I would like to use an image of thrips in an O’level Agriculture textbook. How do I go about requesting permissions for use?

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  2. Jonathan Eizyk March 18, 13:06

    Good Afternoon,

    my name is Jonathan Eizyk, and I have been tasked in reaching out to you on behalf of the Smithsonian Institution’s Paleobiology Department, located at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC., in regards to an image found on your website which we are interested in using for an upcoming publication.

    I am just trying to figure out who to reach out to in order to find who owns the image rights. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Jonathan Eizyk
    (on behalf of Dr. Conrad C. Labandeira and the SI Paleobiology Dept.)

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