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Peanut Insect Management

Insect pests in peanuts can be divided into three general groups: foliage feeders, sucking pests, and soil insects. Peanuts can tolerate some leaf damage with no effects on yield. Sample fields weekly and make treatment decisions based on set economic THRESHOLDS.
Foliage Feeders

To scout for foliage feeders in peanuts, randomly select a 3-foot section of row in the field. Vigorously shake the plants over the row middle to dislodge the caterpillars, much like you would do when taking a drop cloth sample. Count the total number of larvae dislodged, and repeat this process across the field. While walking through the field, pay attention to moths that may fly, as this will help to identify potential infestations. Also, monitor for leaf-feeding damage. If defoliation approaches 20 percent, consider reducing the THRESHOLD.