Grain Sorghum

2013 Grain Sorghum Hybrid Recommendations

There is considerably more interest in Grain Sorghum or milo production in Mississippi this year.  Mississippi State University has not conducted Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials the last several years because of insufficient interest, so I suggest you encourage our seed partners to submit sorghum hybrids for evaluation in the MAFES Variety Testing Program.  There is sorghum hybrid performance data available for your evaluation from the University of Arkansas ( and the LSU AgCenter Hybrid Trials(

Those grain sorghum hybrids yielding consistently well above the mean in dryland trials generally corresponding with Mississippi grain sorghum production areas include:

  • DEKALB DKS53-67

  • Pioneer 84P80

  • Pioneer 84G62

  • Terral REV 9782

  • Terral REV 9953


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2 comments to 2013 Grain Sorghum Hybrid Recommendations

  • Philip Tarnofsky

    To Whom,

    I’m trying to figure out how I got, numerous Milo plants growing in my Dahlia Beds?
    This Milo was not there last year or the year before? There like the picture above, but still green and very healthy looking.
    Can we feed this stuff to the chickens?
    How can I tell when it’s ready to pick?
    Could these seeds have come in my Miracle Grow Potting Soil?
    Thanks for our input!

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