Cotton Planting Progress

Limited progress was made with respect to cotton planting in Mississippi during this past week.  As has been the case for the past several weeks, field conditions permitted progress to be made for a short period of time before the next round of rainfall came through the state on Tuesday and Wednesday.  More progress has been made in areas south of Highway 82 than in those north of Highway 82.  Many growers are returning to the field today (Saturday).  Conditions look favorable for the next week to ten days to make significant planting progress.

Several quesitons have came in this week about replanting and weed control plans in those situations.  In replant situati0ns in which fluometuron (Cotoran, etc.) or some other residual herbicide had been applied preemergence the options are somewhat limited.  For a product such as Cotoran, two applications are permitted in a single growing year; however, these applications must be at least 20 days apart.  This will likely prevent using this product in a replant situation.  If you are facing a situation like this, ensure that the field is clean when the crop is planted.  Once the crop has emerged, use the residual herbicide of your choice as soon as the label for a given product allows.  A second residual herbicide application later in the season is advised due to the early application timing of the first residual.

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