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Soybean Variety Suggestions for 2014

Variety selection is one of the most critical management decisions associated with soybean production. Factors such as soil type, planting date, irrigation capabilities, row spacing, harvest capacity, and other crops grown all can influence the decision for selecting an appropriate variety for profitable soybean production.

There are a number of excellent varieties available to choose from. The link below is to the 2014 list of variety suggestions. These variety suggestions are meant to serve as a condensed list of varieties capable of performing across a range of production systems and environments. The list is composed of varieties selected based upon overall consistency, performance, results in variety trials and/or on farm variety demonstrations, general observations throughout the growing season, and/or the ability to perform across different environments.

It is important to spread out risks associated with soybean production by selecting multiple varieties for a given operation. Keep in mind that an excellent source of information on varieties is to have your own variety trial on your farm to observe variety performance on your specific soils and under your own management practices. No variety is perfect. Therefore risks can be minimized by choosing several varieties that have a potential fit for your needs. Also, if you are selecting new varieties or some that you have not planted in the past, plant these on a smaller scale to ensure that they have a fit for your farm.

Soybean Variety Suggestions for 2014

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