Catchot, A.

2013 Small Plot Cotton Variety Trial – Final Data

Find below All data from the 2013 Small Plot Cotton Official Variety Trial. During 2013, small plot cotton variety trials were conducted near the following locations; Brooksville, Clarksdale, Itta Bena, Senatobia, Starkville, Stoneville, Tunica, and Verona. Variety trial data is segmented into two trials the OVT and CAST Trials. The OVT contains varieties previously tested and New for 2013 varieties, and the CAST trial consists of highly advanced breeding lines. Proven yielding varieties used for standard check purposes for 2013 were ST 5288B2F, PHY 375 WRF, and DP 0912 B2RF.  Results from 2013 testing can be obtained by selecting the link below. The below link is the Most current Small plot data and contains varietal name changes for 2014 as well as premium and loan discount information.

The authors would like to express their appreciation first and foremost to the producers who participated in the 2013 Official Cotton Variety Trial locations that were conducted on-farm. Thank you to Cliff Heaton (Clarksdale), Mark Kimmel (Itta Bena), and George Perry (Tunica); your hard work and willingness to participate in the variety trials is deeply valued.

2013 Mississippi Cotton OVT Final Data

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