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“Bee Aware” Flags Ready for Distribution

Recently several groups in Mississippi came together and developed then adopted a set of Cooperative Standards for row crop farmers and beekeepers in an effort to increase awareness of pollinator’s and create an environment where each could coexist while minimizing any adverse conditions to either operation. As a part of that program the “Bee Aware” flag was designed to mark where bees are being placed. The idea is that once this flag becomes recognized as being synonymous with bees or other pollinator sensitive areas, care will be taken with any pesticide application or other duty that may be deemed as risky around beehives. We did not fully anticipate at the time how many people would like this idea and have been getting request from beekeepers all over the country wanting to be a part of this. Since that time the Mississippi Farm Bureau has bought flags to provide to Mississippi beekeepers. Also, the company that makes the flags has agreed to sell and ship to anyone else who would like access to the flags.

Mississippi State University Extension Service now has some flags on hand  that we will be distributing to commercial and hobby beekeepers around the state, but keep in mind shipping is an issue since they are on a 8′ fiberglass pole. To order flags from the vendor please call them directly. Below is their information. They can ship anywhere in the country.

To Order from Vendor Click Here: Bee Aware Order Information


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