Cotton Defoliation Video Conference

Darrin Dodds
By Darrin Dodds August 19, 2011 14:59

As the 2011 cotton crop progresses toward harvest, defoliation has begun in a few areas.  While it will likely be several weeks before widespread defoliation applications take place, beginning to plan for these applications now may lead to increased success later.  Cotton defoliation has long been considered as much of an art as a science.  However, understanding the basics regarding physiology behind defoliation, strengths and weaknesses of a given product, and logistics behind a given defoliation program increase your chances for a successful defoliation.

To that end, Mississippi State University in conjunction with the University of Tennessee and the University of Arkansas will host a cotton defoliation training session through interactive videoconference technology as well as through streaming video via the internet.  Presentations will begin at 9 a.m. on Friday, August 26th.  Presentations will be approximately 15 to 30 minutes in length and questions are welcomed from the audience.  Speakers and topics are as follows:

Dr. Chris Main – University of Tennessee:  Physiology of cotton defoliation

Dr. Darrin Dodds – Mississippi State University:  Timing of cotton defoliation

Dr. Daniel Reynolds – Mississippi State University:  Defoliation programs

Dr. Tom Barber – University of Arkansas:   Strengths and weaknesses of individual products

For those located in Mississippi, please contact your local county Extension office if you would like to participate in this training session.  The video conference will originate from the campus of Mississippi State University; however, it should be available in all county offices throughout the state unless they have a conflict with another scheduled video conference.  Please contact your local county director or area agronomist for more information.

For those in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, etc. who do not have access video conference technology the training will be available through live streaming video on the internet.  However, for those viewing the presentations using this method, you will be unable to interact with the speakers and ask questions like those who view via video conference are able to.  To access the live presentations please follow the link below just prior to the beginning of the meeting.


Presentations will also be recorded and will be available on the internet the following week.  Once presentations are completed and recorded, a weblink to the archived presentations will be provided on the Mississippi Crop Situation blog.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.

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Darrin Dodds
By Darrin Dodds August 19, 2011 14:59
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