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Buehring, Former Extension Rice Specialist
By Buehring, Former Extension Rice Specialist March 23, 2012 14:43 Updated

Below is a short list of apps that I have found helpful in the agriculture world.  This list is by no means the only ones available or useful.  These are just the ones I found to be pertinent and can help your overall productivity.  I am sure there are more apps out there that could be beneficial, but I may not have discovered them yet.  As always, I welcome your comments.

News/Futures Market:

 DTN.  This app gives the latest news and market information related to agriculture.


 Intellicast.  If you are sitting on a turn-row wondering if you are going to get rained out before you finish planting your last 40 acres, this app gives the most update weather radar information within the last five minutes.  Other weather apps can be delayed by as much 10 minutes.  This app also gives you the latest forecast information.


 RiceTec Toolbox.  This app is for hybrid rice producers trying to calibrate grain drills for low seeding rating populations.  RiceTec Toolbox also has information on products and production guidelines.

 Dupont Tankmix.  Dupont tankmix calculates the amount product to add to the tank.  It can also calculate how much product to order for a certain amount acres.

 Pesticide Labels:

 Agrian Mobile.  Can’t remember the rate of a certain pesticide?  This app gives you access to the latest pesticide label information.


 ArcGIS.  This app has tools to calculate distances and measure specific areas based off of aerial images.  This can be convenient when you do not know the exact acreage of field or need to measure field widths so you can figure out how more rolls of polypipe to order.

 Social Media:

 Twitter.   Need to stay current on what specialists are seeing in the field?  Twitter will allow you to follow specialist, track their thoughts, and be aware of any issue they may be seeing in the field.  Also, if you follow @mscrops, you can also get the updates on your iPad, computer or smartphone as soon as they are posted on the Mississippi Crop Situation Blog. Everything that is posted on this blog gets sent to Twitter @mscrops. For run of the mill weekly updates this may not be that big of a benefit; however, if an outbreak of pest occurs, you could be immediately informed of the situation and what to do about it.

 Record Keeping:

 Spray Lite.  Spray Lite is an app that stores and organizes farm spray records.  These records can easily be saved at the farm to field level.  Other information, such as planting dates, can be stored under the comment section for each field.  This app can also generate spray reports that can be emailed and exported to a CSV format.

 Others of Interest:

 YieldCheck.  YieldCheck is an app that estimates potential corn yields based on kernel counts from three corn ears.  Producers need to know these are estimates and actual field yields can greatly vary from the estimate.

 iBooks.  This app lets you store pdf files on your iPad.  When app is installed, just simply go find the information in Safari on your iPad, then tap your screen and select open in iBooks.  Then you will have it permenately stored on your iPad and will not have to go look for it.  This is handy for weed or insect control guidelines.

 Got an app for that? Leave a reply below and let us know.


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Buehring, Former Extension Rice Specialist
By Buehring, Former Extension Rice Specialist March 23, 2012 14:43 Updated
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  1. Jeff Gore, Research Entomologist March 25, 21:53

    I find Goggle Earth and NOAA Radio helpful also.

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  2. Ashley Peters March 26, 08:25

    Dropbox, goodreader, and calculator pro, are a few good ones as well.

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  3. Carroll Smith March 26, 12:34

    Hey, Nathan,
    Great apps. I just emailed you a list of some that I have found in case you want to add any of them to your list.

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  4. Rutann April 3, 10:15

    How about apps for the small farmer. Someone who is doing 1-10 Ac

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