Redbanded Stink Bug Survey 4.15.22

Whitney Crow, Extension Entomologist
By Whitney Crow, Extension Entomologist April 18, 2022 08:32

Redbanded Stink Bug Survey 4.15.22

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RBSB Ditch Bank Survey results from the week of April 12, 2022:

Carrol- 0/100 sweeps

Hinds- 6 adults/100 sweeps

Madison- 6 adults/100 sweeps

Montgomery- 0/100 sweeps

Oktibbeha- 0/100 sweeps

Rankin- 12 adults and 16 nymphs/100 sweeps

Webster- 0/100 sweeps

4.18.22 RBSB

Here’s how you can help:

When traveling the area you work, simply sweep patches of crimson or white clover on roadsides and ditch banks. Report your numbers to Whitney Crow either by text (901-592-8787) or email ( Each week we will post the latest survey information.

This process is very simple but please take note of the information we are requesting:

  • Keep up with the number of sweeps you take at each location.
  • The total number may vary depending on the size of the clover patch. That is fine.
  • Keep up with numbers of Adults and Nymphs separately. Send pictures if you ID help.
  • Each location should be reported in x number of adults/nymphs per x number of sweeps.
  • An example report: Washington Co. DREC. 5 adults and 0 nymphs/15 sweeps.
  • Record the location for each set of samples.
  • If you do not have access to GPS coordinates, record county and closest town.


  • It is okay to sweep the same patches. Make sure it is on different weeks.
  • Older clover that has been flowering for a while or starting to dry down, tends to be a more preferred host than newly flowering clover.
  • The entomology team would like to personally thank everyone who has been willing to help out! Unlike many other pests, these surveys are an accurate predictor of what can be expected in the future.
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Whitney Crow, Extension Entomologist
By Whitney Crow, Extension Entomologist April 18, 2022 08:32
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