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There’s Good News About the Potassium in Your Soil Updated

🕔15:18, 13.Dec 2013

As you look over your fields this winter, be thankful for the tons of potassium (K) present in every acre. It is the most abundant mineral macro-nutrient on earth, which is good because most crops utilize large quantities of it.

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Early leaf spot found in the greater Aberdeen area Updated

🕔10:49, 5.Sep 2012

Description and symptoms.  Yesterday I looked at some defoliating fields in the greater Aberdeen vicinity. The vines looked like someone had used a set of hedge shears to remove the foliage from between the rows and thin it in the

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Southern stem rot or white mold of peanut Updated

🕔07:33, 2.Jul 2012

Discusses the life cycle, management and identification of white mold or southern stem rot of peanut caused by Sclerotium rolfsii. It includes a section on how to distinguish it from a white mold look-alike. Southern stem rot or white mold

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