East Mississippi Soybean Variety Trial Report

🕔11:38, 24.Dec 2013

Attached in this blog post are the variety trial results from the North Mississippi Research and Extension Center in Verona, MS. Harvested yield as well as variety response to natural infection from Cercospora blight and frogeye leaf spot are included in the associated tables.

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2013 Small Plot Cotton Variety Trial – Final Data

🕔17:09, 22.Dec 2013

Find below All data from the 2013 Small Plot Cotton Official Variety Trial. During 2013, small plot cotton variety trials were conducted near the following locations; Brooksville, Clarksdale, Itta Bena, Senatobia, Starkville, Stoneville, Tunica, and Verona. Variety trial data is segmented into

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2013 On-Farm Cotton Variety Trials

🕔14:55, 19.Dec 2013

Each year the Mississippi State University Extension Service conducts numerous on-farm variety trials in cotton and other crops.  These data are intended to complement small plot official variety trial (OVT) data that are also generated by Mississippi State University personnel.

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Soybean Variety Suggestions for 2014

🕔14:55, 16.Dec 2013

Variety selection is one of the most critical management decisions associated with soybean production. Factors such as soil type, planting date, irrigation capabilities, row spacing, harvest capacity, and other crops grown all can influence the decision for selecting an appropriate

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There’s Good News About the Potassium in Your Soil

🕔15:18, 13.Dec 2013

As you look over your fields this winter, be thankful for the tons of potassium (K) present in every acre. It is the most abundant mineral macro-nutrient on earth, which is good because most crops utilize large quantities of it.

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2013 On-Farm Rice Variety Trials

🕔12:03, 13.Dec 2013

The electronic version of Mississippi State University’s On-Farm Variety Trial publication is complete and can be accessed at http://msucares.com/pubs/infobulletins/ib0481.pdf.  Hard copies of the variety trials will be available at your county extension office in early January.  If you have any

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