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Row Crop Contact List

State and Regional Extension and Research Agronomic Crop Personnel Contact Information

Darrin Dodds Cotton Specialist-Starkville 662 418-1024 cell
Erick Larson Grain Crop Specialist-Starkville 662 418-7802 cell
Angus Catchot Entomology Specialist-Starkville 662 418-8163 cell
Jason Sarver Peanut Specialist-Starkville 662 769-9977 cell
Larry Oldham Soils Specialist-Starkville 662 312-9250 cell
Trent Irby Soybean Specialist-Starkville 662 418-7842 cell
Jason Krutz Irrigation Specialist-Stoneville 662 588-8974 cell
Tom Allen Plant Pathology-Stoneville 662 402-9995 cell
Bobby Golden Extension Rice and Soil Fertility Agronomist 662-769-0274 cell
John Orlowski Delta Soybean Specialist 662 769-9961 cell
Jeff Gore Entomology- Stoneville 662 820-9969 cell
Don Cook Entomology- Stoneville 662 255-1899 cell
Fred Musser Entomology- Starkville 662 325-2974 office
Brien Henry Corn Agronomist- Starkville 662 325-2311 office
Clint Allen Entomology- Stoneville –USDA-ARS 479 530-1277 cell
Dan Reynolds Weed Science-Starkville 662 418-6508 cell
Jason Bond Weed Science- Stoneville 662 769-0268 cell
Wayne Ebelhar Agronomist-Stoneville 662 686-3247 office

Area Agronomist Contact Information

Ernie Flint Central MS 662 582-1211 cell
Dan Haire North West 662 429-1343 office
Bill Burdine North Central 662 456-0517 cell
Charlie Stokes North East 662 386-7307 cell
Dennis Reginelli East Central 662 418-4480 cell
Randy Smith South Central 601 813-7166 cell
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  1. Masimba May 23, 03:26

    I would like to use an image of thrips in an O’level Agriculture textbook. How do I go about requesting permissions for use?

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  2. Kelly November 19, 04:23

    i have scorpions in my house can u help?

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