Poultry Litter as a Cotton Fertilizer in 2012 Updated

🕔08:02, 23.Feb 2012

A disease issue and the response in 2011 led to litter supply issues at the beginning of the growing season. No problems are apparent at this time (late February). This report is specifically for cotton, but litter is an excellent

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Grain Sorghum Hybrid Recommendations Updated

🕔17:34, 21.Feb 2012

There is considerably more interest in growing grain sorghum this year. This article gives some suggestions and resources for evaluating hybrids which could be suited for dryland grain sorghum production in Mississippi.

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2011 Official Cotton Variety Trial Booklet Correction Updated

🕔16:23, 13.Feb 2012

Find below the final version of the 2011 Cotton Official Variety Trial. During 2011, small plot cotton variety trials were conducted near the following locations; Clarksdale, Rolling Fork, Schlater, Senatobia, Starkville, Stoneville, Tribbett, and Verona. Variety trial data is segmented

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Spring 2012 Nitrogen Fertilizer Suggestions for Wheat Updated

🕔18:20, 9.Feb 2012

Warm winter weather has promoted wheat to begin growing much earlier than normal this spring. This can make decisions regarding nitrogen application timing quite challenging and different from field to field. This newsletter will give several pointers to help make good decisions.

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February Supply and Demand Report Summary Updated

🕔17:55, 9.Feb 2012

USDA released their monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report early Thursday morning (Feb 9, 2012). The report states that current marketing year (2011/12) corn, soybean and wheat ending stocks are projected at 801, 275 and 845 million bushels,

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2011 Rice Research Report Updated

🕔11:15, 9.Feb 2012

This is a brief review of the many agronomy, breeding, pest management, soil fertility, and water conservation research projects funded by the Mississippi Rice Promotion Board.

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Stripe Rust Detected in Mississippi Wheat Updated

🕔08:02, 6.Feb 2012

Stripe rust was detected in a Bolivar County wheat field last Monday morning (January 30, 2012). The report is the first of stripe rust from MS in 2012 and the second report of the disease from wheat east of the Rocky Mountains.

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2011 MSU Row Crop Short Course Video Links Updated

🕔20:02, 4.Feb 2012

The 2011 Mississippi State University Row Crop Short Course was held from December 5 – 7, 2011.  Topics covered during the Row Crop Short Course included insect and weed management, fertility management, agronomic aspects of crop production, and a farm

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