Do Not Forget About Barnyardgrass Updated

🕔08:26, 27.Apr 2012

With no new herbicide modes of action under development and increasing problems with resistance to current herbicide modes of action, next year’s crop must be considered when controlling weeds this year.

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Zinc Deficient Corn Observed in MS Delta Updated

🕔20:14, 21.Apr 2012

Over the last several weeks corn has either passed or approached the V2-V5 stage of corn growth. During this time we have received numerous calls about corn having a yellow, streaky appearance. Many of the fields we received calls on

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Corn Holcus Leaf Spot Occurring in the Central Delta Updated

🕔08:10, 21.Apr 2012

Holcus leaf spot, a leaf spot of corn caused by a bacterium, has been confirmed across a wide geographic area in the Mississippi Delta over the past two weeks. The disease is typically characterized by numerous cream to white lesions on the corn leaf that can oftentimes be confused with herbicide (paraquat) drift.

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Rice Season Races Along With Some Hurdles to Jump Updated

🕔11:31, 20.Apr 2012

Rice Acreage: On March 30th USDA estimated that Mississippi will plant 135,000 acres of rice. That is down 16% from 2011 and the lowest acreage since the mid 1970’s. Talking with producers and seed retailers, I would estimate that Mississippi acres will be closer 100,000 acres. There are a lot of farmers across the delta that will not be planting any rice and it has been over 40 years since they have done that. Stagnant rice prices and high urea prices have not encouraged any additional plantings. The recent upswing in urea prices will not have a significant impact on rice acres.

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Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Agricultural Industry Council Updated

🕔08:19, 18.Apr 2012

The 2012 Mississippi Agricultural Industry Council and Mississippi Seedsmen’s Association convention will be held again at beautiful Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama, on July 24-July 28, 2012. This will be our 19th year at Perdido Beach Resort.

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Podcast Armyworm Update 4/16/2012 Updated

🕔13:56, 16.Apr 2012

Audio Armworm Update in Wheat

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Septoria Leaf Blotch, Stagonospora Leaf and Glume Blotch, and Bacterial Leaf Streak of Wheat Updated

🕔22:16, 15.Apr 2012

In addition to the wheat rusts we’ve been observing over the past few months throughout our wheat production area, numerous additional foliar disease have been observed. The abnormally warm temperature and heavy dews we’ve experienced over the past several weeks have allowed several other wheat diseases to occur.

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2012 Mississippi Soybean Sentinel Plot Program Updated

🕔17:47, 13.Apr 2012

Sentinel plots will continue to be used to monitor for yield-limiting diseases throughout MS during the 2012 season. Even though in the past sentinel plots have more typically been used to monitor for the presence of soybean rust, the plots will be used to monitor for all economically important soybean diseases.

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Current Wheat Rust Situation: April 12, 2012 Updated

🕔20:54, 12.Apr 2012

Heavy leaf and stripe rust sporulation continues to be a concern throughout much of the wheat production area in MS.

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Herbicide Carryover Updated

🕔16:10, 12.Apr 2012

A problem that has become increasingly common in Mississippi and across the Midsouth over the last two years is corn injury from fomesafen (Flexstar, Flexstar GT, Prefix, Reflex) carryover.

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April Supply and Demand Report Recap Updated

🕔16:12, 10.Apr 2012

USDA released their April World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report this morning and inside was one unforeseen surprise. Corn carry-over (the amount we keep in bins and elevators from one year to the next) was unchanged from the March estimate

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The Myth of Weed Seed in Poultry Litter Updated

🕔11:42, 10.Apr 2012

I have been told in many places by many people that using poultry litter to fertilize crops spreads weed seeds. However, research by Auburn, the universities of Kentucky and Georgia, and most recently, Virginia Tech found this to be untrue.

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Can UAN 32% be used as an N Source in Rice? Updated

🕔17:11, 6.Apr 2012

Encouraging farmers to plant rice this year has been a hard sell.   The rice industry is facing multiple issues that have put downward pressure on acres resulting in what will be one of the smallest rice acres since the early

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Palmer Amaranth Control in Corn with HPPD Herbicides Updated

🕔08:55, 5.Apr 2012

Using herbicides with different modes of action is an excellent resistance management tool for glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth.

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