Delta Crop Summit – November 13, 2012, Stoneville, MS Updated

🕔13:16, 26.Oct 2012

The 2012 Delta Crop Summit will be held on Tuesday, November 13, in Stoneville, MS. Please see the attached schedule.

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Frost and Peanuts: What to do and What not to do Updated

🕔11:57, 26.Oct 2012

Frost and Peanuts: What to do and What not to do Are you still digging peanuts? If so, is there a frost in your forecast? Dug peanuts that are not yet well air dried are quite susceptible to frost injury.

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Weed of the Week: Yellow Woodsorrel Updated

🕔09:21, 26.Oct 2012

Yellow woodsorrel is a short-lived, herbaceous annual or perennial plant with a distinct sour taste and clover-shaped leaves.

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2013 MSU Short List of Suggested Corn Hybrids Updated

🕔15:18, 25.Oct 2012

This effort lists those corn hybrids which have demonstrated superior grain yield performance in the MSU Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials. Approximately 80 corn hybrids representing the vast majority of seed companies in the Mid-south participate in the MSU hybrid trials. This information should help you better assess relative corn hybrid productivity and profitability in future seasons for either irrigated or dryland culture.

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Dr. Steve Martin Announced as New NMREC Head Updated

🕔09:26, 19.Oct 2012

Drs. George Hopper and Gary Jackson are pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Steve Martin as the new head of the North Mississippi Research and Extension Center (NMREC).

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Weed of the Week: Cutleaf Evening-primrose Updated

🕔12:25, 17.Oct 2012

Key identifying characteristics of cutleaf evening-primrose are the distinctive white mid-vein found on most leaves and a reddish base when cut with a sharp knife near the soil line.

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Free Futures and Options Training Series Updated

🕔15:53, 15.Oct 2012

Looking for more hands on training with price risk management tools? I’m looking for up to 8 producers (focus on those with some/all cotton production) to participate in a free futures trading educational experience. I will work closely with these

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Weed of the Week: Henbit Updated

🕔10:33, 10.Oct 2012

Henbit is native to Europe and Asia but can be found throughout the United States. It is common in crop fields, roadsides, pastures, and lawns throughout Mississippi.

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Strobilurin-resistant Frogeye Leaf Spot Confirmed in Mississippi Updated

🕔17:15, 5.Oct 2012

For the first time, strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot was confirmed in MS during the 2012 season. Numerous states in our region have previously confirmed the presence of the resistant fungus.

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Insecticide Seed Treatments for Wheat Updated

🕔12:04, 5.Oct 2012

As we begin to gear up for wheat planting there have been several questions regarding the use of insecticide seed treatments. We have been testing insecticide seed treatments in wheat for several years and have seen a positive response in nearly every case.

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New Insecticides Labeled for Rice Updated

🕔21:09, 4.Oct 2012

Two new insecticides from Valent recently received federal labels for use in rice. The state approval is still pending, but expected soon. The insecticides are Belay and Nipsit INSIDE. Both of these insecticides have the same active ingedient, clothianidin.

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Weed of the Week: Annual Bluegrass Updated

🕔08:16, 4.Oct 2012

Identifying features of annual bluegrass are its light green color, low and clumping growth habit, open leaf sheath, and lack of hairs.

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