Foliar Soybean Disease Update: August 31, 2013 Updated

🕔09:12, 31.Aug 2013

Foliar diseases of soybean continue to be observed throughout the MS soybean production system. Over the past week additional counties containing soybean rust have been observed throughout the state. Stay tuned to information on the Crop Situation Blog regarding additional counties with soybean rust infected plant material should management suggestions change.

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Soybean Looper Control in Late Soybeans Updated

🕔15:50, 30.Aug 2013

Soybean looper has started to show up in soybean and a few applications have started in some fields. We have several good options to manage soybean looper and all of them should be considered. Belt has become the go to insecticide for looper control in a lot of situations over the last couple of years.

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Yield Loss from Defoliators in Soybean and Insecticide Termination

Yield Loss from Defoliators in Soybean and Insecticide Termination Updated

🕔15:48, 30.Aug 2013

Now that early planted beans are drying down quickly and insect pressure is increasing on late planted soybeans in some areas, many are asking when it is safe to quit spraying insect pest in soybeans. For most pest in soybean

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Terminating Insecticides in Cotton

Terminating Insecticides in Cotton Updated

🕔14:16, 30.Aug 2013

I have looked at several fields over the last couple weeks that should be considered safe from yield loss from insect pest. Keep in mind that termination rules for insects in cotton do not mean the crop is “bug proof” but

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Insect Trap Counts, August 30, 2013

Insect Trap Counts, August 30, 2013 Updated

🕔10:10, 30.Aug 2013

Bollworm moth trap counts were lower at nearly every location this week compared to last week, indicating that bollworms are primarily in the larval stages at this time. Tobacco budworm trap counts were also low, so if a field is clean, new infestations

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Frogeye Leaf Spot Fungicide Preliminary Data (Updated 8/30/2013)

Frogeye Leaf Spot Fungicide Preliminary Data (Updated 8/30/2013) Updated

🕔09:37, 29.Aug 2013

Numerous questions over the past few weeks regarding how well certain fungicide chemistries are managing frogeye leaf spot. Attached please find preliminary rating data from Starkville and Stoneville on how well particular products are managing observable symptoms of frogeye leaf spot. Additional data to follow as we continue to rate plots.

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Two Upcoming Peanut Field Days Updated

🕔08:33, 27.Aug 2013

Two upcoming peanut field days offer the latest research recommendations and a chance to see some research/demonstration plots. The first field day will be held in south Mississippi, at Lucedale, the other in north Mississippi, at Clarksdale. Lucedale The Lucedale

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Soybean Irrigation Termination Turn-Row Field Day Updated

🕔18:41, 23.Aug 2013

Terminating soybean irrigation too early can result in lower yield due to decreased seed size. At the same time, irrigating when the crop no longer needs water can be a waste of time and resources. On Friday, August 30, 2013

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Mississippi Rice Crop Update – August 23, 2013 Updated

🕔17:34, 23.Aug 2013

The 2013 rice harvest may be one of the most anticipated harvests in recent years due to the long season.  Let’s hope that growers are rewarded for their anticipation.  As a recap, to my knowledge, the earliest rice in the state was

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2013 Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide Updated

🕔16:32, 23.Aug 2013

During the 2011 growing season Chris Main, Bob Hayes, Tom Barber, Dan Reynolds, and myself put together a defoliation guide to cover Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  The folks at LSU have a similar guide for cotton in that state that

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Irrigation Termination in Cotton Updated

🕔16:21, 23.Aug 2013

The time of year has arrived that growers are getting the itch to terminate irrigation applications in cotton.  In a normal year, cracked bolls are present at the present calender date; however, cracked bolls are currently the exception rather than

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Insect Pheromone Trap Counts, August 23, 2013

Insect Pheromone Trap Counts, August 23, 2013 Updated

🕔13:42, 23.Aug 2013

As is typical for this time of year, bollworm pheromone counts were higher this week, particularly in the Delta. These moths are presumably those that developed in corn ears, and will now be seeking out hosts for another generation, likely

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Soybean Disease Update: August 18, 2013 Updated

🕔21:27, 18.Aug 2013

Numerous diseases continue to be reported from throughout the MS soybean production area. Frogeye leaf spot continues to be the main foliar disease observed. Additional soybean rust was reported from Adams County this past week. However, since low levels of the disease continue to be reported the suggestion remains that farmers wait and watch the available information and allow soybean to get as close to reproductive developmental stages before making a fungicide application.

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Early Leaf Spot of Peanut found in the Greater Columbus Area

Early Leaf Spot of Peanut found in the Greater Columbus Area Updated

🕔13:49, 18.Aug 2013

This last week I found early leaf spot in the Greater Columbus, Mississippi area. For information and images on how to identify early leaf spot, please see: and Early and late leaf spot are major defoliators of peanuts

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Crop Market Update – Aug 16, 2013 Updated

🕔15:28, 17.Aug 2013

Cereal Grains & Soybeans (by: Brian Williams) Two bullish reports this week have helped boost prices for corn and soybeans. While many analysts were expecting an increase in corn production in this month’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE), USDA

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Bean Leaf Beetle Problems in Mississippi Soybean Updated

🕔09:16, 17.Aug 2013

Bean leaf beetle numbers have been much higher than they have been in the last couple years. We have actually made bean leaf beetle targeted sprays on a number of acres this year. Yield loss is caused by defoliation and

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Insect Pheromone Trap Counts, August 16, 2013

Insect Pheromone Trap Counts, August 16, 2013 Updated

🕔16:10, 16.Aug 2013

Trap counts were generally steady to slightly lower this week compared to last week for both bollworm and tobacco budworm. As has been the case all year, counts are higher than in 2012 but slightly lower than long-term average catches.

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Mississippi Kudzu Bug Update: 8/14/2013

Mississippi Kudzu Bug Update: 8/14/2013 Updated

🕔07:09, 14.Aug 2013

Seems like we are adding new counties every week. We are now at 24 counties total with 16 of those having kudzu bugs found in soybeans.  At this time we have actually treated a field or two for kudzu bugs in

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August Supply and Demand Report Recap Updated

🕔23:30, 12.Aug 2013

Soybeans Soybeans also saw bullish news in the August WASDE report. Both planted and harvested acres were revised down by half a million acres from last month’s projections. Soybean yields were also revised down by 1.9 bu/acre to 42.6 bu/acre.

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Early Leaf Spot of Peanut

Early Leaf Spot of Peanut Updated

🕔00:30, 12.Aug 2013

Synopsis: Is caused by a fungus, Cercospora arachidicola. Defoliates infected leaflets fairly quickly. Is one of the reasons, along with late leaf spot, for the development of the traditional two week spray schedule in established peanut growing areas (see Figure

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Market Update – Aug 9, 2013 Updated

🕔15:13, 10.Aug 2013

Cereal Grains & Soybeans Prices continued their downward slide for corn and wheat this week. Favorable weather has helped to keep new crop corn and soybean conditions rated 60-65% good or excellent. Meanwhile, many producers continue to empty grain bins

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Not Everything is as it Seems: Fungicide Phytotoxicity and Plant Diseases Updated

🕔17:45, 9.Aug 2013

Phytotoxicity following a foliar fungicide application is not a commonplace occurrence in our soybean production system. In certain situations, the symptoms that express themselves when a fungicide application is made in the heat of the day can manifest themselves similar to characteristic foliar disease symptoms. Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a common occurrence from the standpoint that we observe the disease annually but rarely does it impact yield and in fact we normally suggest that SDS simply means you’ve raised some great soybeans in that particular field. Keep in mind that SDS will only occur on light soil texture classes and normally not across an entire field as a situation such as phytotoxicity could.

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Last Effective Bloom Date in Cotton Updated

🕔15:08, 9.Aug 2013

The 2013 cotton crop looks respectable in many areas of the state.  The National Agricultural Statistics Service rated 62% of the crop as good to excellent with only 6% being fair to poor.  This crop continues to lag behind previous

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Mississippi Rice Progress – August 9, 2013 Updated

🕔13:13, 9.Aug 2013

The rice crop in Mississippi continues to move forward.  In addition to several acres moving to the heading growth stage, there are fields that are being drained.  Draining typically means harvest is two weeks away.  I am anxious to see

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Insect Pheromone Trap Counts, August 9, 2013

Insect Pheromone Trap Counts, August 9, 2013 Updated

🕔10:45, 9.Aug 2013

For the second week in a row, tobacco budworm counts are higher than average for this time of year. Bollworm catches were fairly typical for this time of year, so in non-Bt crops where both pests develop (like soybean), a

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