2014 MSU Short List of Suggested Wheat Varieties Updated

🕔17:52, 23.Sep 2014

This publication lists those wheat varieties which have demonstrated superior productivity in the MSU Wheat and Oat Variety Trials and summarizes their characteristics. This impartial information should help you better assess wheat varieties which are best suited for your farm.

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2014 Cotton Varieties Planted Report

2014 Cotton Varieties Planted Report Updated

🕔15:39, 15.Sep 2014

The USDA released their 2014 Cotton Varieties Planted Report on September 12, 2014.  Stoneville 4946 GLB2 was the top planted variety in Mississippi this year followed by Phytogen 499 WRF and ST 5289 GLT.  The entire report may be accessed

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2014 Cotton Defoliation Guide Updated

🕔11:42, 11.Sep 2014

Defoliation season is upon us and as such, the 2014 Mid-South Defoliation Guide has been updated and is ready for use.  Those who have worked with cotton fully understand the challenges associated with defoliation.  Further compounding an already difficult task

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Soybean Loopers Showing up in Late Soybeans: Updated

🕔14:34, 5.Sep 2014

Soybean loopers are starting to show up in high numbers in many areas of the state. In many cases, soybeans are past the point where yield loss can occur, but there are many later planted soybeans that need to be protected for a while longer. Below are a few tips on when to treat and what to treat with.

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Identifying Soils that “Seal” and Improving Irrigation Application Efficiency in “Sealing” Soils Updated

🕔09:44, 4.Sep 2014

  This summer we had multiple conversations with producers that either irrigated or had significant rainfall events on their field, but the soil moisture sensors below the 6 inch depth never “detected” the irrigation or rainfall event (see https://www.mississippi-crops.com/2014/06/26/is-my-soil-moisture-sensor-broke/ ).

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Foliar Soybean Disease Update: September 3, 2014 Updated

🕔22:04, 3.Sep 2014

Foliar diseases of soybean continue to be observed throughout the MS soybean production area. At present, no soybean rust has been detected in MS; however, Cercospora blight and frogeye leaf spot as well as several pod diseases (topic of the next blog post) are being observed in numerous soybean fields.

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Lime Need and Value Updated

🕔13:45, 3.Sep 2014

Acid soils often need liming to aid crop growth and development. Fall applications provide more time for the lime to react with the soil, less stress on the human component, and better field conditions  for equipment operation. Soil acidity problems

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