Use a Sound Corn Nitrogen Strategy to Combat Rainy Weather Updated

🕔17:31, 24.Apr 2015

Abundant spring rainfall can create havoc with corn nitrogen management by delaying fertilizer application and also promote massive nitrogen loss. These strategies should help enhance crop response during challenging conditions.

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Wheat Disease Update: April 24, 2015

Wheat Disease Update: April 24, 2015 Updated

🕔10:35, 24.Apr 2015

For the most part the Mississippi wheat crop is clean with regards to foliar diseases. However, some important issues are occurring that need to be addressed with regards to Fusarium head blight, stem maggot feeding, and general herbicide injury as these three issues can easily be confused with one another at the field level.

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Off-target Herbicide Movement to Rice

Off-target Herbicide Movement to Rice Updated

🕔10:57, 23.Apr 2015

As rice approaches reproductive growth stages, it is less likely to recover from injury due to off-target herbicide movement.

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High Stink Bug Numbers Being Reported in Some Heading Wheat Fields

High Stink Bug Numbers Being Reported in Some Heading Wheat Fields Updated

🕔07:36, 22.Apr 2015

Calls are starting to come in about stink bugs in heading wheat. It is not uncommon to find numerous stink bugs in wheat after head emergence. Species attacking wheat are typically rice stink bug and brown stink bugs but greens can sometimes be found. While it may seem very alarming, keep in mind it takes extremely high numbers to cause economic damage to heading wheat.

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Mississippi Crop Progress and Condition Report – 4/19/15 Updated

🕔17:24, 20.Apr 2015

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Mississippi, there were 1.8 days suitable for fieldwork for the  week ending Sunday, April 19, 2015.  Topsoil moisture supplies were 0 percent very short, 1 percent short, 37 percent adequate, and 62

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As Crops Emerge, Slug Calls Start

As Crops Emerge, Slug Calls Start Updated

🕔09:21, 16.Apr 2015

I have recently received a few call about slugs in corn and soybeans. I suspect this will increase when more crops emerge in the Hill region of the state as well. Slug problems usually start on corn first, then move to soybeans, then cotton in our area. This is only because we typically plant in this order. Slugs have been a sporadic problem in MS row crops over the years with increased occurrence since 2004. This has been exclusively a no-till or reduced till problem, particularly no-till behind a grass crop like corn or grain sorghum. Cool wet years are particularly favorable for slug problems to develop.

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Now is the Time to Prepare for Pipe Planner! Updated

🕔10:29, 13.Apr 2015

Pipe Planner offered free to farmers! Delta Plastics is committed to reducing irrigation water use within the Mississippi Delta by 20 percent by the year 2020. Delta Plastics has offered to provide the company’s irrigation management software, Pipe Planner, free

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Grain Sorghum Planting and Seeding Recommendations Updated

🕔16:16, 10.Apr 2015

Strong markets are driving Mississippi growers to plant a lot more grain sorghum than what could have been, considering the recent development of Sugarcane aphids as a threat to sorghum production. This article gives guidelines for getting your sorghum crop off to a good start.

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April Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Updated

🕔15:39, 9.Apr 2015

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of the Chief Economist (with collaboration from a number of USDA agencies) released their monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report today (April 9). At this stage the reports do not carry the level

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2015 Scout Schools Set for Mississippi

2015 Scout Schools Set for Mississippi Updated

🕔11:02, 8.Apr 2015

Mississippi State University will be hosting 5 scout schools this year. We have transitioned over the years to make these trainings much more diverse than insect pest alone. This year we will be including insects, disease, fertility, weed identification, and herbicide systems. There will be numerous hands on displays of insects, weeds, nutrient deficiencies in all major row crops, and fertilizer characteristics. CEU’s Provided: Nutrient Management = 1.5, Integrated Pest Management = 3, Crop Management = 1

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Are We Going to Get this Corn Crop Planted? Updated

🕔17:53, 7.Apr 2015

Much like the last 2-years, as rains delay corn planting progress, more concerns arise regarding whether you will have ample opportunity to plant your corn crop in a suitable time window. This article states new guidelines for late corn plantings based upon recent MSU research.

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Choices of Residual Herbicides in Mississippi Soybean

Choices of Residual Herbicides in Mississippi Soybean Updated

🕔08:56, 2.Apr 2015

Most weed management decisions in Mississippi soybean are based on managing glyphosate-resistant (GR) Palmer amaranth.

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Seed Treatments, In-Furrow Sprays, and Granular Insecticides: What to do in Mississippi Field Corn

Seed Treatments, In-Furrow Sprays, and Granular Insecticides: What to do in Mississippi Field Corn Updated

🕔07:30, 1.Apr 2015

Although every major field crop we grow in Mississippi is responsive to at planting insect protection; field corn is perhaps the most consistent. Why is this?

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