2016 Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide Updated

🕔14:09, 23.Sep 2016

Although a large number of cotton acres have received at least one application of harvest aid, many acres still are in need of a second harvest aid application.  For those still waiting to make a first harvest aid application, keep in

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Cotton Varieties Planted Report

Cotton Varieties Planted Report Updated

🕔14:03, 23.Sep 2016

The USDA-AMS has released it’s 2016 cotton varieties planted report.  The report in it’s entirety can be accessed clicking the following: 2016 Cotton Varieties Planted Report The top 10 planted varieties in Mississippi are given below:

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2016 MSU Short List of Suggested Wheat Varieties

2016 MSU Short List of Suggested Wheat Varieties Updated

🕔17:52, 20.Sep 2016

This publication lists those wheat varieties which have demonstrated superior productivity in the Mississippi Wheat and Oat Variety Trials and summarizes their characteristics. This independent information should help you better assess wheat varieties and help you pick those which are suited for your farm.

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Soybean Disease Update: September 7, 2016

Soybean Disease Update: September 7, 2016 Updated

🕔21:03, 10.Sep 2016

Foliar diseases continue to be observed throughout the MS soybean production system. Cercospora blight, frogeye leaf spot and target spot have been commonly observed. Soybean rust continues to be observed at low levels in areas where the disease has occurred following the rainfall received over the last month.

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