Could Weather Limit Effectiveness of your “Tassel Shot” Application? Updated

🕔14:36, 25.May 2018

As the Mississippi corn crop approaches tassel stage, weather has fluctuated from dry to rainy conditions during recent weeks. Thus, how may this affect how the corn will respond to mid-season application of various management inputs, including nitrogen fertilizer or other products? This article will discuss factors that could dramatically affect corn response.

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Heliothine Trap Counts, May 25, 2018

Heliothine Trap Counts, May 25, 2018 Updated

🕔09:41, 25.May 2018

We will be posting pheromone trap catch data again this year from several counties in Mississippi to give you an idea when pressure is greatest and whether your population is likely mostly bollworm (corn earworm) or tobacco budworm. We have

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2018 Furrow Irrigation Rice Trials

2018 Furrow Irrigation Rice Trials Updated

🕔07:58, 24.May 2018

Here is a look at the Furrow Irrigation Rice trials from across the Delta.  Different methods are being used by growers to install furrows in these fields.  Some of these field were rowed up in the fall,  some pulled furrows

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Soybean Disease Update: May 19, 2018

Soybean Disease Update: May 19, 2018 Updated

🕔11:55, 19.May 2018

Soybean root diseases have started to be observed in the Delta. Over the past week several calls have been received regarding the presence of southern blight. Dead seedlings along with white mycelial growth below the soil line is a common observation in fields where southern blight occurs.

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Reminder: 2018 Agronomic Scout School Dates

Reminder: 2018 Agronomic Scout School Dates Updated

🕔12:00, 18.May 2018

Mississippi State University will be hosting 2 scout schools this year. We have transitioned over the years to make these trainings much more diverse than insect pest alone. This year we will be including insects, disease, fertility, and herbicide symptomology.

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Soybeans behind Row Rice

Soybeans behind Row Rice Updated

🕔12:11, 14.May 2018

Thought this would be an excellent opportunity to show some newly emerged soybeans planted no-till into an previous furrow irrigated rice field.  Asked the grower this morning about what cultural practices he followed before planting?  He commented, “ran the combine”. 

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Flow Meters Available at County Extension Offices

Flow Meters Available at County Extension Offices Updated

🕔11:52, 14.May 2018

The most important piece of data for running Pipe Planner is flow from your water sources.  Gathering this piece of information can sometimes be difficult.  If you are currently seeking where to get a flow meter, please see the attached

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Redbanded Stink Bug Ditchbank Survey 5/10/2018

Redbanded Stink Bug Ditchbank Survey 5/10/2018 Updated

🕔07:50, 12.May 2018

In 2017, we were able to accurately predict the threat of RBSB based on sampling ditch banks in the spring. Every year we sample ditch banks across the state to make collections of various insect pests. With most pests, such

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2018 MSU Grain Sorghum Hybrid Suggestions Updated

🕔08:27, 10.May 2018

This article lists grain sorghum hybrids which have produced superior yields in the Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials and neighboring University trials. This information should improve your ability to select well-adapted sorghum hybrids for Mississippi based on independent performance testing.

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