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Posts From Larry Oldham, Extension Soils Specialist

Poultry Litter as a Cotton Fertilizer in 2012

🕔08:02, 23.Feb 2012

A disease issue and the response in 2011 led to litter supply issues at the beginning of the growing season. No problems are apparent at this time (late February). This report is specifically for cotton, but litter is an excellent

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Certified Crop Adviser Exam Registration

🕔11:43, 15.Nov 2011

The next ICCA and Arkansas-Louisiana-Mississippi CCA exam date is February 3, 2012. Registration is currently available on line until December 9, 2011. To register for the exam go to the Certified Crop Adviser website at where step by step

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Mississippi Poultry Litter Transport Situation, July 8

🕔13:46, 8.Jul 2011

There have been very few changes in the quarantine situation over the past few weeks. Litter can be hauled in Mississippi: with permits only. Within Wayne, Jones, Jasper, Perry, and Forrest counties, it may only be hauled from place to

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Some Poultry Litter Can Be Moved in Mississippi

🕔10:03, 3.Jun 2011

Litter can be hauled in Mississippi: with permits only! However in Wayne, Jones, Jasper, Perry, and Forrest counties, it may only be hauled from place to place within the county. Litter may be moved out from other production counties. Permits

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It’s complicated . . . Poultry Litter Quarantine Update, May 27

🕔10:43, 27.May 2011

The quarantine on poultry litter movement in Mississippi continues, however there are new, very specific guidelines for various locations in the poultry production area. Call the Mississippi Board of Animal Health at 601-359-1170 or 888-646-8731 to determine the guidelines for

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Soil Management After the Flood in Mississippi

🕔12:55, 23.May 2011

Significant acreage in Mississippi will flood in the current event offering enormous challenges to families and homes. Much of the cropland in the affected region was already planted for the 2011 cropping season.  As the waters recede, a new landscape

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May 24 Poultry Litter Movement Quarantine Update

🕔09:42, 13.May 2011

Litter can NOT be hauled  in Mississippi. This quarantine is in place due an outbreak of the disease ‘ILT’ in February apparently traced back to an Alabama origin according to the Board of Animal Health. There may be a change

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Poultry Litter Quarantine Update.

🕔15:36, 4.May 2011

As of Friday, May 6, litter can NOT be hauled in or from the following counties in Mississippi: Covington Forest Jasper Jones Lamar Perry Wayne This quarantine is in place due an outbreak of the disease ‘ILT’ in February apparently

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Tillage Issues With Changing Crops

🕔08:51, 1.Apr 2011

Tillage decisions for crop changes There are about two-thirds the acres planted in annual crop production in Mississippi than in the circa 1980 era. Annual Row Crop Harvested Acres The eighteen Delta or partial Delta counties account for 80% of

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Know What They’re Saying About Nitrogen Fertilizers

🕔17:02, 23.Mar 2011

Our warm and humid Mississippi climate makes nitrogen (N) fertilizer management challenging. Let’s review the basics about N terminology as various product claims fly about with some puzzling promotional material being used. Be sure that you know what is being

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Liming Soils in Mississippi

🕔16:22, 9.Mar 2011

The natural condition of most Mississippi soils is to become more acidic over time which reduces crop yields. From 1989 to 2009, just over half the soil samples analyzed by the MSU Extension Service Soil Testing Laboratory had pH values

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March 11 Precision Agriculture Workshop

🕔11:44, 3.Mar 2011

A precision agriculture workshop has been scheduled for Friday, March 11, 2011, in Hattiesburg, MS.  Producers, agri-business, and extension are all welcome to attend.  There is no registration fee, but please register so that we can have a count for

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Begin the Nutrient Management Season the Right Way

🕔11:26, 3.Mar 2011

The original Best Management Practice (BMP) for managing nutrients to maximize profitability and minimize potential environmental issues is soil testing. This time of year is always exciting for Mississippi farmers; we’re past the winter (maybe. . .) and tractors are

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Sulfur for Mississippi Crops

🕔12:28, 24.Feb 2011

Sulfur in Mississippi Crop Production Sulfur is required in fairly large quantities by most crops. It is an essential building block in chlorophyll development and protein synthesis. Sulfur is also required by the rhizobia bacteria in legumes for nitrogen fixation.

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Calcium and Magnesium For Mississippi Crops

🕔15:22, 17.Feb 2011

Calcium and Magnesium For Mississippi Crops Calcium (Ca) and (Mg) magnesium are positively charged secondary nutrients. They are generally adequate in most Mississippi soils with favorable pH and organic matter levels. They affect acidity when applied to the soil, and

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Micronutrients for Mississippi Crop Production

🕔09:15, 9.Feb 2011

With the current commodity prices, some suggest that the 2011 crop be ‘insured’ by applying micronutrients. Is this good policy for Mississippi field crops? These essential elements are required by plants in very small amounts: boron, zinc, molybdenum, iron, manganese,

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Fertilizing Cotton with Poultry Litter

🕔14:44, 28.Jan 2011

Poultry litter has long been used to provide nutrients for pastures, hay, and other crops in the south-central Mississippi broiler production region. Volatile fertilizer prices increased interest among cotton producers in using litter as a nutrient source. Fortunately, there is

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