2011 Cotton Bacterial Blight Trial Ratings: Stoneville, MS Updated

🕔17:24, 29.Jul 2011

Currently, a trial is underway in Stoneville, MS to determine the impact of bacterial blight on the yield of some of the more commonly planted cotton varieties in MS.

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Insect Trap Counts, July 28, 2011 Updated

🕔14:58, 29.Jul 2011

Bollworm, budworm and beet armyworm trap catches remained similar to last week with moderate densities of bollworm in all areas of the state. Southwestern corn borer trap captures increased in most areas this past week, indicating the onset of the 3rd generation for the

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ULV Malathion for Tarnished Plant Bug Control Updated

🕔08:55, 27.Jul 2011

The following is a very good report that Dr. Roger Leonard has recently put out on the use of ULV Malathion for late season control of tarnished plant bugs in cotton. We have also been testing this the last several years with good results but I would like to point out a couple of minor differences between MS and LA with respect to using ULV.

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Fall Armyworms in Hay Fields and Pastures Updated

🕔09:04, 26.Jul 2011

By Blake Layton: Fall armyworm populations were unusually heavy the past two years. They have been much lower so far this year, but this can change quickly.

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Insect Trap Counts, July 21, 2011 Updated

🕔23:04, 22.Jul 2011

Bollworm trap counts were higher this week throughout the state and tobacco budworm counts were higher in the Delta. Southwestern corn borer counts were relatively low this week, but started to rise this week in many areas, signaling the beginning

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Aerial Web Blight of Soybean Updated

🕔17:15, 22.Jul 2011

Soybean scouting continues throughout MS for foliar diseases.  Over the past week to ten days, aerial web blight has been identified in several fields in eastern and northeastern MS.  However, aerial blight has not been identified in the Delta and seems

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Many Pyrethroid Failures on Bollworm in Mississippi Soybeans Updated

🕔16:55, 22.Jul 2011

As of now, I have had numerous reports of pyrethroid failures in soybeans targeting bollworms. Nearly everyone with soybeans at R1-R4 has bollworms at some level in the delta region of the state. So what is going on?

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Corn Verification Crop Progress Update Updated

🕔15:00, 22.Jul 2011

Irrigated Corn Verification Fields are nearly mature, but did require a final irrigation this week to provide ample moisture to sustain the crop to physiological maturity. Some slight root lodging also recently occurred, but otherwise harvest progress should commence soon. Late-planted dryland fields still have a long way to go and are under drought stress.

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UPDATE: Bacterial Blight of Cotton Updated

🕔11:38, 21.Jul 2011

Over the past 7 days, numerous cotton fields have been determined to be infected with bacterial blight, caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. malvacearum (formerly Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum).  In addition to the growing number of acres in MS having been

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General Soybean Disease Update: Soybean Sentinel Plot Situation and Regional Soybean Rust Update, July 16, 2011 Updated

🕔17:04, 16.Jul 2011

The soybean crop is advancing regardless of the extreme environmental conditions encountered throughout MS.  At present, there are no foliar diseases of much consequence to report from either soybean sentinel plots or commercial fields.  A little frogeye leaf spot has

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ALERT: Bacterial Blight of Cotton Updated

🕔21:04, 15.Jul 2011

Several fields of cotton in the Delta, as well as one field in Monroe County exhibiting symptoms of bacterial blight have been detected over the past 5 days.  In addition, a significant acreage of cotton in Arkansas has been determined

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Take out your frustrations on pigweed Updated

🕔16:29, 15.Jul 2011

Farmers really don’t have a proverbial “slow time” anymore but now is a good time to remove any weeds from field borders and edges to prevent seed production.

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Insect Trap Counts, 7-14-11 Updated

🕔15:17, 15.Jul 2011

Bollworm, tobacco budworm and beet armyworm pheromone trap captures remained similar to last week. Southwestern corn borer trap counts were lower this week, indicating that the second generation peak has past. One field in Leflore County had SWCB trap captures of

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New Regulations for Refillable Pesticide Containers Updated

🕔14:36, 15.Jul 2011

Regulations will go into effect after August 16, 2011 which will affect retailers, commercial applicators, custom blenders, re-fillers, and registrants of refillable pesticide containers.  Essentially, these new regulations will affect those who use and handle mini-bulk pesticide containers, including growers. 

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Bollworms Sprays Increasing in Soybeans: 7/15/2011 Updated

🕔13:55, 15.Jul 2011

Last week we started getting calls about flushing bollworm moths in soybean fields and a few fields were at or above threshold on larvae.  This week was the turning point. As of today (7/15/11) we have started treating many fields. 

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🕔10:11, 14.Jul 2011

Rice Stinkbug Advisory As we have expected over the last month, rice stinkbug numbers will be high this year.  After several reports and scouting fields, rice stinkbug numbers are coming in at 50 to over 100 rice stinkbugs per 10

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Supply and Demand Report Recap Updated

🕔16:39, 12.Jul 2011

USDA released it’s monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report this morning – roughly two weeks since sending shock waves through the markets with their June 30 Acreage and Grain Stocks report.  The WASDE report was expected to

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Four Bract Squares in Mississippi Cotton Updated

🕔16:33, 8.Jul 2011

Although many are aware of the issues that have been created by the appearance of four bract squares over the past few weeks, the magnitude of this issue warrants a final few words.  First and foremost, four bract squares typically

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First Bollworms Showing up in Mississippi Soybeans Updated

🕔15:19, 8.Jul 2011

This week we are starting to get some calls of the first soybean fields reaching threshold for bollworms.  Bollworms (Corn Earworms) can be extremely devastating to soybeans because they feed directly on all fruiting structures.  Many folks are also reporting

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Watch for Fall Armyworms in Late Planted Soybeans Updated

🕔14:43, 8.Jul 2011

Over the last 10 days I have started getting calls about fall armyworms showing up in late planted soybeans.  We see some of this every year, and it is primarily related to larvae moving off of a grass host after

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Mississippi Poultry Litter Transport Situation, July 8 Updated

🕔13:46, 8.Jul 2011

There have been very few changes in the quarantine situation over the past few weeks. Litter can be hauled in Mississippi: with permits only. Within Wayne, Jones, Jasper, Perry, and Forrest counties, it may only be hauled from place to

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Insect Trap Counts, July 7, 2011 Updated

🕔09:33, 8.Jul 2011

Insect pheromone trap counts for the last week were steady to slightly lower for all species as a whole. Bollworm catches remained fairly high in some delta counties. Typically this week would have been the peak catch for second generation southwestern corn

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Agronomic Crops Field Day Updated

🕔08:23, 8.Jul 2011

Title: Agronomic Crops Field Day Location: Delta Research and Extension Center – Stoneville, MS Description: Researchers at DREC develop varieties best suited for the Mississippi Delta, field test the most innovative production practices and the newest agricultural inputs on the

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Corn Foliar Disease Update: July 8, 2011 – Southern Corn Rust Detected at LOW LEVELS Updated

🕔07:04, 8.Jul 2011

Southern corn rust was detected in Coahoma County yesterday at VERY LOW LEVELS. This does NOT mean that a fungicide application is necessary especially since most corn has reached the dent stage throughout the general area. To date this has been the only southern rust detected in MS.

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Insect Trap Counts, June 30, 2011 Updated

🕔14:48, 1.Jul 2011

Overall not much change in insect trap counts from last week. Bollworm counts were somewhat higher in the Delta and Central MS regions, tobacco budworm counts were lower in all regions, especially in the Delta were no budworms were caught this week.

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