Nitrogen Stabilizers Updated

🕔17:02, 31.Mar 2011

Nitrogen is important for crop growth and production.  Managing this valuable input for maximum plant availability is critical to ensure optimum economic returns while minimizing the potential for negative environmental effects.  Urea is the standard N fertilizer product for rice

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Mississippi Wheat Disease Update and Fungicide Decisions Updated

🕔20:54, 24.Mar 2011

Mississippi Wheat Disease Update and Fungicide Decisions At present there is little to no disease in the Mississippi wheat crop. On Monday, low levels of powdery mildew were detected in a research plot in Stoneville. In addition, low levels of

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Aphid Numbers Increasing in Mississippi Wheat Fields Updated

🕔08:12, 24.Mar 2011

Over the last week I have received several calls of very high aphid numbers in wheat.  The two species being found are Bird Cherry-Oat aphids (BCO) and Greenbugs.  I have had reports of treatable levels of Greenbugs being found but

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Identifying Glyphosate Drift Injury on Wheat Plants Updated

🕔18:18, 23.Mar 2011

Identifying off-target herbicide injury may be difficult when a definitive pattern is not readily apparent, substantial acreage is involved, or distance is considerable. This article gives some guidelines and photos to help identify glyphosate drift on wheat, so that you can manage appropriately.

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Know What They’re Saying About Nitrogen Fertilizers Updated

🕔17:02, 23.Mar 2011

Our warm and humid Mississippi climate makes nitrogen (N) fertilizer management challenging. Let’s review the basics about N terminology as various product claims fly about with some puzzling promotional material being used. Be sure that you know what is being

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O. A. Cleveland’s Weekly Cotton Report, March 11, 2011 Updated

🕔11:30, 15.Mar 2011

March established cotton’s all time high at 227.00 cents during the delivery period while May posted its life of contract high at 219.70 cents. Thus, the contract highs for three consecutive months; March, May and July 2011, all posted highs well above the two dollar mark.

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Information on Management of Wild Pigs in Mississippi Updated

🕔07:00, 15.Mar 2011

Seems like every grower meeting we go to, we are hearing more and more about wild pigs destroying crops in some areas of the state. There are some producers that are even switching what crops they grow soley based on damage from wild hogs.

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Key Corn Verification Findings Updated

🕔00:02, 12.Mar 2011

One of the objectives of this program is to identify key production limitations, so the Mississippi State University Extension Service and Experiment Station can better direct efforts to develop innovations for our specific problems. This is a summary of such limitations documented during the past few years.

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How to Plant Corn for Higher Yields Updated

🕔16:01, 11.Mar 2011

Corn is quite unique because much of its potential productivity is determined during the planting process. Thus, corn is often much more responsive or dependent on variables implemented during the planting than other Southern crops. This article gives planting guidelines for enhancing corn profitability.

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Ground Speed Affects Spray Droplet Deposition

Ground Speed Affects Spray Droplet Deposition Updated

🕔14:20, 11.Mar 2011

As producers prepare for spray applications this growing season, it is imperative to consider proper spray nozzle selection. As ground speed increases, the orifice size of the nozzle must be increased to maintain the desired GPA. A larger orifice naturally produces larger droplets which equates to poor coverage with contact herbicides. With this in mind, it is recommended to make spray applications at a reasonable ground speed that allows for the use of a spray nozzle that will produce a medium droplet size conducive for contact herbicides.

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March Ag Supply and Demand Report Recap Updated

🕔18:12, 10.Mar 2011

USDA released it’s March World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report this morning.  At this time in the marketing year few wholesale changes are typically seen in the report for U.S. summer crop production and use.  This came to

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Peanut Varieties in Short Supply Updated

🕔10:33, 10.Mar 2011

During the production season of 2010, much of the peanut producing area suffered harsh drought conditions.  This led to reduced yields and quality problems on last years crop, and will have lasting effects into this season.  Dr. John Beasley, Peanut

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Liming Soils in Mississippi Updated

🕔16:22, 9.Mar 2011

The natural condition of most Mississippi soils is to become more acidic over time which reduces crop yields. From 1989 to 2009, just over half the soil samples analyzed by the MSU Extension Service Soil Testing Laboratory had pH values

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O.A. Cleveland Cotton Report March 4, 2011 Updated

🕔07:54, 4.Mar 2011

The cotton market offers no rest for the weary as it continues to run over anything or anyone that dares to put a lid on it. The May contract has taken over as the lead month and also assumed the price leadership role with its climb above two dollars.

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Rice Update March 3, 2011 Updated

🕔16:19, 3.Mar 2011

This rice update contains information on rice yields by planting date, new rice varieties, and seeding rates. Press Play in Popup to view this video update.

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March 11 Precision Agriculture Workshop Updated

🕔11:44, 3.Mar 2011

A precision agriculture workshop has been scheduled for Friday, March 11, 2011, in Hattiesburg, MS.  Producers, agri-business, and extension are all welcome to attend.  There is no registration fee, but please register so that we can have a count for

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Begin the Nutrient Management Season the Right Way Updated

🕔11:26, 3.Mar 2011

The original Best Management Practice (BMP) for managing nutrients to maximize profitability and minimize potential environmental issues is soil testing. This time of year is always exciting for Mississippi farmers; we’re past the winter (maybe. . .) and tractors are

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Overview of 2010 Insects in Rice and 2011 Outlook Updated

🕔08:33, 3.Mar 2011

Last year was a challenging year for insect pests of rice in Mississippi. In general, we experienced higher than normal populations of rice water weevil, rice stink bug, and fall armyworm.  Luckily from the rice water weevil standpoint, the two

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Monitoring Aphids in Mississippi Wheat Updated

🕔13:34, 1.Mar 2011

Several aphid species can be found in wheat throughout Mississippi each year. The most common are bird cherry-oat aphids, green bugs, and corn leaf aphids.

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