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Two Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Sweetpotatoes and Auxin Herbicides

Two Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Sweetpotatoes and Auxin Herbicides Updated

🕔11:37, 16.Jun 2017

With increasing utilization of auxin herbicide-tolerant cotton and soybeans, sweetpotato growers have concerns about drift and off-target movement of dicamba and 2,4-D applications into commercial sweetpotato fields.  In this blog entry I answer two of the most common questions I

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Black Rot in Sweetpotato- A Fact Sheet

Black Rot in Sweetpotato- A Fact Sheet Updated

🕔13:17, 8.Mar 2016

Black rot is on the minds of many sweetpotato producers in the United States. The fungal disease was reported in North Carolina in 2015, and there have been at least three diagnosed incidence of black rot in Mississippi since last

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Avoid Sweetpotato Chilling Injury Updated

🕔14:04, 18.Feb 2015

The next few days will be abnormally frigid in North Mississippi.  This increases the risk of chilling injury to sweetpotatoes in storage, and those being transported to or from packing sheds.  Chilling injury occurs when roots are exposed to temperatures

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Glyphosate Injury to Sweetpotatoes Adjacent to Field Roads Updated

🕔11:35, 16.Jul 2014

Maintaining clean and weed-free field roads around sweetpotatoes is thought to help minimize rodent injury and make access for crop scouting and monitoring more efficient. Roads are most often maintained weed-free with glyphosate applications. However, off-target movement of glyphosate onto

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Southern Blight and Sweetpotato Plant Beds Updated

🕔11:47, 23.Apr 2014

Warm April weather in North Mississippi provides great growing conditions for sweetpotato plant beds. A few days near the 80s will have sweetpotato shoots pushing up the black plastic mulch that has been covering them since March. However, warm and

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Sweetpotatoes and Scurf Updated

🕔11:33, 21.Oct 2013

Each year some sweetpotato scurf or “soil-stain” is reported.  However, this year it would appear that the disease has been more prevalent than normal in some fields.  Scurf is caused by a soil-dwelling fungus, Monilochaetes infuscans, and results in darkened,

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Sugarcane Beetle Reported in Sweetpotato. Updated

🕔14:24, 27.Sep 2013

This week marked the first reported appearances of sugarcane beetles in sweetpotato fields in Mississippi for the 2013 growing season.  The sugarcane beetle is a relatively new pest of sweetpotato in Mississippi.  However, in recent years, heavy sugarcane beetle populations

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A Critical Look at Sweetpotato Yield Updated

🕔14:45, 6.Sep 2013

Yields for most Mississippi sweetpotato growers are anticipated to be on par with expectations.  However, growers not content with their yields should take a critical look at the vines that ride up the front of the digger- each one tells

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