What is Going On With Generic Azoxystrobin: the active ingredient in Abound, Quadris… Updated

🕔17:22, 27.Feb 2015

Updated Tuesday March 10, 2015. Added several  new fungicides to the pdf file;Mar.16.update2.azoxystrobin Strobe 2L which has a comprehensive label for field crops, vegetables, turf, and ornamentals. Trevo, (22.9% Azoxystrobin, for use on corn, cotton, rice, and soybeans). Updated Tuesday  March

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Management Guidelines for Sugarcane Aphids in MS Grain Sorghum 2015

Management Guidelines for Sugarcane Aphids in MS Grain Sorghum 2015 Updated

🕔16:42, 24.Feb 2015

In 2014 a new pest of MS grain sorghum, Sugarcane aphid, made a dramatic entry infesting every county that grew the crop. This pest originally showed up in grain sorghum in Texas and Louisiana in 2013 with a single find very late in the season in Bolivar County, MS. By the end of 2014, this pest quickly spread throughout the entire southeast.

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Soybean Management Symposium Series: February 25 and 26, 2015 Dates CANCELED Updated

🕔14:41, 24.Feb 2015

The previously scheduled Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board seminar dates in Tunica, Verona, and Macon for Wednesday (2/25) and Thursday (2/26) have been CANCELED due to the potential for inclement weather over the next 36 hours. Future dates will be listed on the Mississippi Crop Situation Blog and locations will likely not change. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

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2015 Mid-South Ag Forum at the 2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show Updated

🕔13:47, 20.Feb 2015

Farmers attending the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show, February 27, in Memphis, will want to attend the Mid-South Ag Forum, scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on the Mezzanine Level of the Cook Convention Center. This special seminar features information on successful

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2015 MSU Grain Sorghum Hybrid Suggestions Updated

🕔16:40, 18.Feb 2015

This effort lists those grain sorghum hybrids which have demonstrated superior productivity in the MSU MAFES Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials and neighboring University trials. This information should help you pick well-suited sorghum hybrids for Mississippi.

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Soybean Management Symposium Series: Future Dates (2/25 Tunica, MS; 2/26 Verona (morning); 2/26 Macon, MS (afternoon)) Updated

🕔15:40, 18.Feb 2015

Three more opportunities exist for ag-related personnel to attend the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board sponsored seminar series on nutrition management, nematode sampling and management, and irrigation practices. Meetings are scheduled next week in Tunica (2/25; 9 am), Verona (2/26; 9 am), and Macon (2/26; 2:30 pm).

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Avoid Sweetpotato Chilling Injury Updated

🕔14:04, 18.Feb 2015

The next few days will be abnormally frigid in North Mississippi.  This increases the risk of chilling injury to sweetpotatoes in storage, and those being transported to or from packing sheds.  Chilling injury occurs when roots are exposed to temperatures

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2015 Spring Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Wheat

2015 Spring Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Wheat Updated

🕔14:23, 12.Feb 2015

Environmental factors play a substantial role in nitrogen fertilization for wheat producers in the Mid-south. This article gives guidelines for getting optimal wheat response to your nitrogen fertilizer.

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Scouting and Managing Wheat Stripe Rust Infection at Tillering Stages

Scouting and Managing Wheat Stripe Rust Infection at Tillering Stages Updated

🕔11:57, 12.Feb 2015

Stripe rust was detected in wheat in Washington County, MS in the wheat variety trial plots. Wheat fields in MS should be scouted at this time for the presence of stripe rust. Fungicide applications with products in the triazole (DMI) class of fungicides will prevent spread of the disease and in some cases where the disease has occurred and been observed in a wheat field may protect yield.

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Should I Convert to Pipe Planner?

Should I Convert to Pipe Planner? Updated

🕔07:16, 12.Feb 2015

Pipe Planner offered free to farmers! Delta Plastics is committed to reducing irrigation water use within the Mississippi Delta by 20 percent by the year 2020. Delta Plastics has offered to provide the company’s irrigation management software, Pipe Planner, free

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Soybean Symposium Today, Feb. 10th at Capps Center Updated

🕔05:11, 10.Feb 2015

Farmers can hear from Mississippi State University (MSU) experts today in a series of soybean seminars sponsored by the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board (MSPB) and Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF). The goal of the seminars, titled “Digging Deeper: Managing Unseen

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2015 Riser Participants Needed.

2015 Riser Participants Needed. Updated

🕔19:50, 9.Feb 2015

The RISER program is designed to assist producers in reducing water use while maintaining yield and profitability. Growers participating in the RISER program agree to allow  the MSU researcher to manage the irrigation decisions on one field while the producer

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Rotation Considerations for Peanut

Rotation Considerations for Peanut Updated

🕔11:15, 4.Feb 2015

I have been surveying growers, extension folks, consultants, and industry personnel over the last few weeks and it seems that the consensus is that we are going to significantly increase peanut acreage in the 2015 growing season.  I think the

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Pipe Planner Instructional Videos Updated

🕔11:20, 3.Feb 2015

“Pipe Planner is a free, user-friendly, web based application designed to help farmers create the most efficient poly tube irrigation system for their crops,”says Chris DeClerk of Delta Plastics.  To assist Mississippi growers in the implementation of Pipe Planner, Lee

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