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Soil Carbon Market Questions

Soil Carbon Market Questions Updated

🕔11:04, 26.Jun 2021

The best business managers have long-term, pro-active strategies to achieve their goals. Soil carbon (C) may not appear on the top, or even near the top of pressing concerns at this point in the season for growers. But this crop

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Immediately After the Flood Soil Management

Immediately After the Flood Soil Management Updated

🕔14:47, 11.Jun 2021

All photos courtesy of Tucker Miller Flooding is challenging Mississippi families, homes, and farms again, hence, this should be a review for many readers. The first Mississippi Crop Situation post about flooded soils was published in May 2011. There is

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Trapping Nutrients in the Landscape

Trapping Nutrients in the Landscape Updated

🕔16:56, 4.Jun 2021

Photos courtesy of Dr. Mary L. Tagert The third part of Avoid, Control, and Trap agricultural environmental stewardship practices for nutrients and sediment is trapping them, literally keeping them on the land, reducing excess inputs to water bodies. Best Management

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Controlling Nutrient Movement in Landscapes

Controlling Nutrient Movement in Landscapes Updated

🕔13:33, 28.May 2021

The greatest challenges for agricultural water management are getting water on fields, and then getting water off fields in the warm humid mid-South. Exiting water contains dissolved nutrients and sediments that may pose issues. Controlling the nutrient (or sediment) movement

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Return on Investment, or Testimonials?

Return on Investment, or Testimonials? Updated

🕔16:06, 7.May 2021

Newspapers were all paper and sometimes quite thick when I was younger. I trained myself to ignore almost all the advertisements in them to speed things along, particularly with Sunday editions. It may chagrin the business community to learn that

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Effect of Poultry Litter Applications on Soil Physical Properties

Effect of Poultry Litter Applications on Soil Physical Properties Updated

🕔08:49, 12.Mar 2021

Healthy soils have thriving biological populations busy recycling nutrients. Just as good working environments aid human productivity, good working environments foster the soil biological population. Soil physical factors that impact this work environment include aggregation, bulk density, and water holding

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Managing Soils for Carbon Sequestration

Managing Soils for Carbon Sequestration Updated

🕔10:03, 26.Feb 2021

Private and public sector stakeholders are striving to boost soil carbon (C) as a climate migration strategy. This note will focus on the science of soil C, and management practices that may increase it. Carbon markets, public policy, and individual

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Requirements for Biosolid Applications on Cropland in Mississippi Updated

🕔15:06, 11.Feb 2021

Most growers know the soil benefits from applying animal manures to their land. Some farmers have used municipal sludge (biosolids) as a fertilizer to provide nutrients and organic matter that improves soil properties. The biosolids have been treated to stabilize

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Soil Test Recommendations

Soil Test Recommendations Updated

🕔16:10, 22.Jan 2021

Where does this recommendation based on my soil test results come from? If you are a grower not asking it, start. Three common recommendation philosophies are used to interpret the soil testing data to provide the recommendations.  Sufficiency: based on

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Actively Patient – Soils

Actively Patient – Soils Updated

🕔14:01, 18.Dec 2020

It takes time to change soils. After making the business decision to actively manage for soil health, producers often are frustrated that results are not immediately apparent! We did all this, and nothing happened! Alternatively, we may see some changes in

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