Managing Soils for Carbon Sequestration

Managing Soils for Carbon Sequestration Updated

🕔10:03, 26.Feb 2021

Private and public sector stakeholders are striving to boost soil carbon (C) as a climate migration strategy. This note will focus on the science of soil C, and management practices that may increase it. Carbon markets, public policy, and individual

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2021 MSU Row Crop Educational Programs – Corn Episodes

2021 MSU Row Crop Educational Programs – Corn Episodes Updated

🕔09:12, 26.Feb 2021

Due to restrictions limiting public gatherings related to the pandemic, the MSU Row Crop Team are releasing virtual educational programs to help prepare for the upcoming growing season. These corn episodes include two programs discussing planting practices and stand establishment, as well as soil, water and nutrient management.

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Seed Treatment Basics (Podcast)

Seed Treatment Basics (Podcast) Updated

🕔13:06, 23.Feb 2021

Jason, Tom, and Don swap stories on cold weather, and then Tom and Don go deep on seed treatments.

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Soil N Testing in Mississippi – Why We Can’t Have Good Things Updated

🕔15:45, 19.Feb 2021

We in Extension sing the praises of soil testing constantly because it provides a snapshot in time of the ability of a soil to provide nutrients to growing plants. The results, along with a research base, are the basis for

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Requirements for Biosolid Applications on Cropland in Mississippi Updated

🕔15:06, 11.Feb 2021

Most growers know the soil benefits from applying animal manures to their land. Some farmers have used municipal sludge (biosolids) as a fertilizer to provide nutrients and organic matter that improves soil properties. The biosolids have been treated to stabilize

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Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Winter Wheat

Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Winter Wheat Updated

🕔22:30, 9.Feb 2021

Our moist climate certainly increases the challenges associated with successful nitrogen fertilization of wheat. This article outlines best management practices for nitrogen application timing, fertilizer sources, rates and other important practices which can enhance wheat productivity.

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2021 Delta Ag Expo

2021 Delta Ag Expo Updated

🕔08:48, 9.Feb 2021

The 2021 Delta Ag Expo will be held on February 17th, beginning at 8:30 am.  Due to ongoing renovations to the Ag Expo building in Cleveland, this year’s event will be held at the Capps Auditorium at the Delta Research

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Sulfur, the Quiet Plant Nutrient Updated

🕔09:56, 5.Feb 2021

Sulfur (S) is essential for growing plants. It is a component of two of the amino acids that make up proteins. According to The Fertilizer Institute, 200 bushels of corn per acre removes 16 pounds and 60 bushels of soybeans

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