Avoiding Fertilizer Damage in Starter Applications Updated

🕔10:17, 30.Jan 2021

Starter fertilizers are often part of a successful nutrient management strategy. See Strategies to Improve Corn Profitability for their potential in corn production. As with any fertility program, implementation of starters requires attention to detail. Avoid fertilizer burn: Fertilizer burn may occur

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2021 Grain Sorghum Hybrid Suggestions Updated

🕔13:17, 26.Jan 2021

This article lists those grain sorghum hybrids which have produced superior yields in the Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials. This information should improve your ability to select well-adapted sorghum hybrids for your farm based on independent performance testing.

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Soil Test Recommendations

Soil Test Recommendations Updated

🕔16:10, 22.Jan 2021

Where does this recommendation based on my soil test results come from? If you are a grower not asking it, start. Three common recommendation philosophies are used to interpret the soil testing data to provide the recommendations.  Sufficiency: based on

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Reviewing Poultry Litter as a Row Crop Fertilizer

Reviewing Poultry Litter as a Row Crop Fertilizer Updated

🕔09:34, 15.Jan 2021

It is time to once again review using poultry litter, aka broiler litter, to fertilize row crops. Many growers now have their own experiences, so this should be a reminder. Prior to the last 10-15 years, poultry litter was primarily

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