Prospective Planting and Grain Stocks Reports – A Summary Updated

🕔22:03, 31.Mar 2014

by: Brian Williams and John Michael Riley Monday’s numbers from USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Prospective Plantings report and Grain Stocks report came in near expectations. The Prospective Plantings report uses surveys of producers from February 27 through March 18 to estimate the upcoming acreage allocation. For

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Management Practices to Reduce the Development of Fungicide Resistance in Soybean: Part I, Improving Disease Management Practices Updated

🕔16:12, 29.Mar 2014

Fungicide resistance has continued to be a hot topic during the off-season. Since 2010, fungicide resistance within the frogeye leaf spot fungal population has been documented in several states including Mississippi. To prevent the development of fungicide resistance from increasing several important steps can be followed. Several of these specific topics will be outlined in this three part series regarding fungicide resistance.

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“Bee Aware” Flags Ready for Distribution Updated

🕔08:39, 26.Mar 2014

Recently several groups in Mississippi came together and developed then adopted a set of Cooperative Standards for row crop farmers and beekeepers in an effort to increase awareness of pollinator’s and create an environment where each could coexist while minimizing any

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Key Issues to Address at Corn Planting

Key Issues to Address at Corn Planting Updated

🕔10:12, 25.Mar 2014

Corn planting can be a hectic time, but it pays to take care of business when planting corn. Here are some keys to a successful start and optimal corn yields.

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2,4-D As a Burndown Herbicide Updated

🕔19:08, 21.Mar 2014

Just to prove that 2,4-D labels can be confusing, plantback restrictions were listed correctly in the previous post, but formulations were not specified.

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UPDATED CONTENT: Dicamba and 2,4-D Plantback Restrictions Updated

🕔10:40, 21.Mar 2014

With the cold, wet weather, many burndown herbicide applications were delayed. This has led to a multitude of questions on plantback restrictions for 2,4-D and dicamba prior to planting corn and soybeans.

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Calibrating Insecticides in Row Crops Updated

🕔12:00, 20.Mar 2014

I have gotten numerous question about calibration of in-furrow rigs this year, so I am republishing an article I put up in the past that breaks calibrating pesticides down to a very easy understandable level. Proper calibration can mean the difference in control or failure of a product against the targeted pests and potentially thousands of dollars of savings to the grower.

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2014 Cotton Maturity Guide Updated

🕔14:41, 17.Mar 2014

The annual cotton maturity guide has been updated for 2014.  Cotton is unique with respect to maturity indices, especially compared to commonly grown grain crops.  Generally speaking, the earliest maturing cotton varieties differ from the latest maturing cotton varieties by

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Vegetative Stage Corn Fungicide Applications in the Mississippi Production System: 2013 Large Plot Trials Updated

🕔08:05, 17.Mar 2014

During 2013, several fungicide trials were conducted to determine the benefit of vegetative growth stage timings in corn. Two large plot trials were conducted in east MS with the help of Dr. Dennis Reginelli. In this blog post, the results of two large plot trials were presented from one nonirrigated and one irrigated field setting. Small plot trial data will be reported at a different date.

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Is Super Early Corn Planting Really Critical? Updated

🕔20:52, 12.Mar 2014

March is here, anticipation is building and our fields may dry out soon, if rain holds off. So when should we start planting corn? This article gives tangible recommendations for determining suitable planting time when nature throws us curveballs.

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Thinking About Planting Medium-grain Rice? Updated

🕔08:35, 11.Mar 2014

In Mississippi, research indicates that management of medium-grain varieties is similar to that of long-grain varieties.

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Mississippi Rice Promotion Board Annual Report Available Updated

🕔16:15, 6.Mar 2014

Annual report of Mississippi Rice Promotion Board is now available online.

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Summary of the New Farm Bill Updated

🕔10:58, 3.Mar 2014

The recent passage of the 2014 Farm Bill (formally known as the Agricultural Act of 2014) brings about some significant changes in agricultural policies, specifically within Titles One and Eleven in the legislation. The following summarizes the key changes that were

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