Future of Agriculture Graduate Student Competition

Future of Agriculture Graduate Student Competition Updated

🕔13:39, 21.Dec 2015

On February 4th 2016, Mississippi State University will host the fourth annual Future of Agriculture Graduate Student Competition. The competition will be open to M.S. and Ph.D. students working in production agriculture. Over the last several years, there has been

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2015 Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Summary

2015 Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Summary Updated

🕔12:26, 21.Dec 2015

The Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program provides us first-hand opportunity and information to better assess hybrid performance and adaptability in Mississippi. This program provides unique opportunity to observe and evaluate plant characteristics and environmental responses of our best corn hybrids in local, on-farm demonstration plots. This is a complete summary of 2015 results.

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2015 MSU Small Plot Cotton OVT Data Updated

🕔11:22, 18.Dec 2015

Data from the 2015 Mississippi State University Official Cotton Variety trials can be accessed by following the link below.  A total of eight locations were utilized in 2015 which included Perry Farms near Tunica, MS; Cliff Heaton Farms near Clarksdale,

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2016 Insect Control Guide Now Available

2016 Insect Control Guide Now Available Updated

🕔07:59, 16.Dec 2015

The 2016 Insect Control Guide for Agronomic Crops is now available online. Hard copies will be available in January. Notable changes this year include the removal of pyrethroid insecticides for bollworm control in all crops due to resistance and poor

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Update: Disease Ratings for 2015 MSU-ES Soybean Variety Demo Program Updated

🕔20:51, 4.Dec 2015

The results of the 2015 MSU-ES Soybean Variety Demonstration Program have been updated to include disease ratings for Cercospora blight, frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot, and Target spot. These evaluations were collected at many locations in 2015 by Dr.

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Soybean Variety Suggestions for 2016 Updated

🕔20:37, 4.Dec 2015

Variety selection is one of the most critical management decisions associated with soybean production. Factors such as soil type, planting date, irrigation capabilities, row spacing, harvest capacity, and others may influence the decision of selecting an appropriate variety for profitable

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Tri-State Soybean Forum – January 8, 2016 Updated

🕔20:11, 4.Dec 2015

The 60th Annual Tri-State Soybean Forum will be held at Mississippi State University’s Delta Research and Extension Center on January 8, 2016. Registration will begin at 8 a.m. followed by the program at 8:30. Presentations will include pertinent information for

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On-Farm Cotton Variety Trial Results Updated

🕔09:34, 4.Dec 2015

The decision making process regarding variety selection is often difficult and, in many cases, leaves growers wondering for the remainder of the growing season whether they made the right variety selection decisions.  Further complicating this process has been the rapid

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