Redbanded Stink Bugs Successfully Overwintered In MS

Redbanded Stink Bugs Successfully Overwintered In MS Updated

🕔13:44, 31.May 2017

In 2009 Redbanded stink bugs (RBSB) were treated in numerous areas of the state but numbers crashed in 2010. In 2013 there were a few fields treated and then they essentially were a non-issue until 2016. We have been hearing

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2017 Cotton Maturity Guide

2017 Cotton Maturity Guide Updated

🕔17:17, 26.May 2017

The updated 2017 cotton maturity guide can be accessed using the link below.  Keep in mind that maturity differences depicted in this guide are in an “everything else being equal” scenario.  A number of factors can affect maturity including (but

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When Should I Park My Cotton Planter?

When Should I Park My Cotton Planter? Updated

🕔17:04, 26.May 2017

It may be the understatement of the year to say that this spring has been very challenging for the agricultural community in Mississippi.  Cool, wet weather seems to disappear then return, wind and sandblasting has caused severe damage to emerged

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Are you Behind on your Corn “Tassel Shot” Application? Updated

🕔11:56, 22.May 2017

The Mississippi corn crop is generally on pace to tassel earlier than normal this year. Thus, how may this affect how the corn will respond to mid-season application of various management inputs, including nitrogen fertilizer and other products? This article will discuss factors and distinct scenarios that could dramatically effect realistic corn response.

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REMINDER: 2017 Agronomic Scout Schools

REMINDER: 2017 Agronomic Scout Schools Updated

🕔17:53, 19.May 2017

Mississippi State University will be hosting 4 scout schools this year. We have transitioned over the years to make these trainings much more diverse than insect pest alone. This year we will be including insects, disease, fertility, and herbicide symptomology. There

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When is the Right Time to Start Irrigating your Corn? Updated

🕔14:06, 19.May 2017

Deciding when to start irrigating corn can be somewhat confusing because visual clues, such as plant wilting or what your neighbors are doing, are often poor indicators of your crop needs. The key factor for initiating irrigation at the appropriate time is simply thoroughly evaluating soil moisture. This article discusses issues relevant to properly timing your first corn irrigation.

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Using Tractor Data for Pipe Planner

Using Tractor Data for Pipe Planner Updated

🕔11:58, 18.May 2017

Utilizing tractor GPS data for Pipe Planner designs seems to just get easier.  Here are some basic steps to utilize  GPS tractor monitor data to develop a Pipe Planner recommendation. (all pics are clickable) Elevation data is one  piece of

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Row Rice Video’s

Row Rice Video’s Updated

🕔07:16, 17.May 2017

With rice acres down, many thanks to the growers that have helped with our 2017 Row Rice trials.  This year, the Irrigation Team is comparing water use and yield on Row Rice fields to Multiple Side Inlet using AWD irrigation

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Sandblasted Cotton/Re-Plant Decisions

Sandblasted Cotton/Re-Plant Decisions Updated

🕔18:08, 5.May 2017

Approximately 20% of the cotton acres intended in Mississippi have been planted; however, given the cool, wet weather as well as high winds in the north Delta over the past several days, a number of re-plants will likely be taking place. 

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Impact of Environmental Conditions on Thrips Management in Cotton and Peanut

Impact of Environmental Conditions on Thrips Management in Cotton and Peanut Updated

🕔18:02, 5.May 2017

We had unseasonably warm weather and good planting conditions during late March and early April. As a result, several cotton and peanut fields have been planted throughout Mississippi over the last month. Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn for

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Flooding in Corn and Soybeans

Flooding in Corn and Soybeans Updated

🕔14:45, 4.May 2017

By now I am sure everyone has seen the pictures of the flooding occurring from recent rains in across the river in Arkansas and Missouri.  Compared to those states, Mississippi has fared pretty well in regards to flooding of young

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