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Larson, E.

How to Plant Corn for Higher Yields Updated

🕔16:01, 11.Mar 2011

Corn is quite unique because much of its potential productivity is determined during the planting process. Thus, corn is often much more responsive or dependent on variables implemented during the planting than other Southern crops. This article gives planting guidelines for enhancing corn profitability.

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2010 Row Crop Short Course Video Links Updated

🕔13:57, 14.Feb 2011

The 2010 Row Crop Short Course was held at Mississippi State University on December 6 – 8, 2010.  As we expanded the Short Course in 2009, we also have adopted technology to record the oral and visual portions of the presentations. 

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Spring Nitrogen Fertility Suggestions for Wheat Updated

🕔15:12, 4.Feb 2011

There are several keys to successful wheat nitrogen fertilization in Mississippi. Split application of nitrogen fertilizer is likely more important for wheat than any other crop, including corn. This is because wheat nitrogen fertilization occurs during the wettest months of the year – in a high rainfall, warm regional climate conducive to nitrogen loss.

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2010 Soybean And Corn Variety Trial Data

2010 Soybean And Corn Variety Trial Data Updated

🕔14:29, 10.Jan 2011

We have posted our official variety trial results for soybeans and corn. You’ll find a link at the bottom of this post that will take you to our variety trial listings for both crops. The results are available as both

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