Rice Season Races Along With Some Hurdles to Jump Updated

🕔11:31, 20.Apr 2012

Rice Acreage: On March 30th USDA estimated that Mississippi will plant 135,000 acres of rice. That is down 16% from 2011 and the lowest acreage since the mid 1970’s. Talking with producers and seed retailers, I would estimate that Mississippi acres will be closer 100,000 acres. There are a lot of farmers across the delta that will not be planting any rice and it has been over 40 years since they have done that. Stagnant rice prices and high urea prices have not encouraged any additional plantings. The recent upswing in urea prices will not have a significant impact on rice acres.

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Podcast Armyworm Update 4/16/2012 Updated

🕔13:56, 16.Apr 2012

Audio Armworm Update in Wheat

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True Armyworms Showing Up In MS Wheat Ahead of Schedule Updated

🕔08:20, 29.Mar 2012

In the last couple of days there have been calls coming in about armyworms in wheat. It is not unusual for us to get armyworms in wheat in MS but this at least 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule compared to years past.

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Time to Start Thinking About Plant Bugs Updated

🕔21:18, 25.Mar 2012

The time until cotton starts to square is still a few months away, but it is not too early to start thinking about managing plant bugs in cotton. With the mild winter, plant bug population densities appear to be a little higher on wild hosts than they have the past couple of years.

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The Corn Refuge Conundrum for the South Updated

🕔10:44, 1.Mar 2012

Word on the street is there will be many more corn refuge checks in 2012 in cotton growing regions. This is due to decreasing compliance over the last couple of years.  However, it is getting so complicated that one grower

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2011 Rice Research Report Updated

🕔11:15, 9.Feb 2012

This is a brief review of the many agronomy, breeding, pest management, soil fertility, and water conservation research projects funded by the Mississippi Rice Promotion Board.

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2011 MSU Row Crop Short Course Video Links Updated

🕔20:02, 4.Feb 2012

The 2011 Mississippi State University Row Crop Short Course was held from December 5 – 7, 2011.  Topics covered during the Row Crop Short Course included insect and weed management, fertility management, agronomic aspects of crop production, and a farm

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Seed Treatment Options for Cotton, Soybeans, and Corn Updated

🕔08:36, 12.Jan 2012

The numerous options for seed treatments can sometimes be confusing. They also change depending on what company you are buying from. Generally, they all perform well for what pests they are targeting but there are differences that you need to be aware of. Below is a link to an article Scott Stewart, The University of Tennessee, posted that breaks down most of the options very clearly.

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Delta Ag Expo Set For January 17-18 In Cleveland, Mississippi Updated

🕔14:29, 9.Jan 2012

You are invited to the 2012 Delta Ag Expo. The Delta Ag Expo provides farmers and others interested in agriculture an opportunity to see the latest technology in agricultural products, services, and information. You will have the opportunity to view agricultural exhibits and talk with extension and research personnel and get up-to-date information for planning your crop year.

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2011 Rice Short Course Presentations and Preliminary Rice Variety Trial Booklet Updated

🕔16:27, 21.Nov 2011

I would like to thank everyone for attending the Rice Short Course. At much request, I have included copies of the presentations made at this short course. Also, I have attached a preliminary copy of the Rice Variety Trial Booklet.

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2011 Row Crop Short Course Updated

🕔09:40, 7.Nov 2011

On behalf of the Mississippi State University Extension Service we would like to cordially invite you to attend the 2011 Row Crop Short Course to be held at the Bost Extension Center on the campus of Mississippi State University from

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Insect Trap Counts, Sept. 1, 2011 Updated

🕔16:09, 1.Sep 2011

Bollworm traps continue to catch substantial moths. Tobacco budworm counts were steady in the Northeastern and Central regions, but dropped in the Delta after a large spike last week. I have not been reporting fall armyworm counts this year, but

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Insect Trap Counts, August 24, 2011 Updated

🕔10:26, 29.Aug 2011

The bollworm flight continues at a moderate to high level throughout the state. Tobacco budworm catches are sharply higher this week in the Delta, but not in the other regions. A similar spike in budworm catches occurred in late August during

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Insect Trap Counts, August 18, 2011 Updated

🕔16:21, 19.Aug 2011

Bollworm trap counts continue to be moderate to high in traps across the state. Tobacco budworm counts building slightly and high beet armyworm counts remain in the central region of the state. Delta trap data not available at the time

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Soybean Loopers Here and Bollworms that Just Won’t Quit in Soybeans and Grain Sorghum Updated

🕔16:02, 10.Aug 2011

We are going on week 6 of a very high and sustained flight of bollworms in cotton, soybeans, and grain sorghum.  The same control problems with pyrethroids we have had in soybeans have spilled over to grain sorghum and some

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Insect Trap Counts, August 3, 2011 Updated

🕔14:59, 5.Aug 2011

Bollworm counts were higher and tobacco budworm counts were lower this week in all regions. Southwestern corn borer counts were not compiled this week, but were generally much higher this week. Most corn is matured enough that little damage will occur

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Cotton Aphids Still Hanging On Updated

🕔13:15, 3.Aug 2011

Typically cotton aphids show up in MS around the end of June and begin to peak in early July. However, the last 2 years the bulk of our aphid pressure has been occurring around the end of July. The fungus, Neozygites fresenii, use to be fairly predictable occurring somewhere around the 4th – 10th of July in MS.

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Insect Trap Counts, July 28, 2011 Updated

🕔14:58, 29.Jul 2011

Bollworm, budworm and beet armyworm trap catches remained similar to last week with moderate densities of bollworm in all areas of the state. Southwestern corn borer trap captures increased in most areas this past week, indicating the onset of the 3rd generation for the

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ULV Malathion for Tarnished Plant Bug Control Updated

🕔08:55, 27.Jul 2011

The following is a very good report that Dr. Roger Leonard has recently put out on the use of ULV Malathion for late season control of tarnished plant bugs in cotton. We have also been testing this the last several years with good results but I would like to point out a couple of minor differences between MS and LA with respect to using ULV.

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Fall Armyworms in Hay Fields and Pastures Updated

🕔09:04, 26.Jul 2011

By Blake Layton: Fall armyworm populations were unusually heavy the past two years. They have been much lower so far this year, but this can change quickly.

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Insect Trap Counts, July 21, 2011 Updated

🕔23:04, 22.Jul 2011

Bollworm trap counts were higher this week throughout the state and tobacco budworm counts were higher in the Delta. Southwestern corn borer counts were relatively low this week, but started to rise this week in many areas, signaling the beginning

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Many Pyrethroid Failures on Bollworm in Mississippi Soybeans Updated

🕔16:55, 22.Jul 2011

As of now, I have had numerous reports of pyrethroid failures in soybeans targeting bollworms. Nearly everyone with soybeans at R1-R4 has bollworms at some level in the delta region of the state. So what is going on?

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UPDATE: Bacterial Blight of Cotton Updated

🕔11:38, 21.Jul 2011

Over the past 7 days, numerous cotton fields have been determined to be infected with bacterial blight, caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. malvacearum (formerly Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum).  In addition to the growing number of acres in MS having been

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Insect Trap Counts, 7-14-11 Updated

🕔15:17, 15.Jul 2011

Bollworm, tobacco budworm and beet armyworm pheromone trap captures remained similar to last week. Southwestern corn borer trap counts were lower this week, indicating that the second generation peak has past. One field in Leflore County had SWCB trap captures of

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New Regulations for Refillable Pesticide Containers Updated

🕔14:36, 15.Jul 2011

Regulations will go into effect after August 16, 2011 which will affect retailers, commercial applicators, custom blenders, re-fillers, and registrants of refillable pesticide containers.  Essentially, these new regulations will affect those who use and handle mini-bulk pesticide containers, including growers. 

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