Prospective Plantings Recap Updated

🕔10:49, 30.Mar 2012

USDA released their annual Prospective Plantings report Friday morning (Mar 30).  The report reveled that corn is the big gainer in terms of acres planted this year versus last year.  Corn acres across the U.S. are expected to jump by

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Wheat Disease Update: March 29 Updated

🕔23:27, 29.Mar 2012

Wheat diseases continue to be identified throughout the MS production area. Barley yellow dwarf virus, leaf rust, powdery mildew, and stripe rust are all present in limited situations in several counties.

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Control Palmer Amaranth at Planting Updated

🕔14:52, 29.Mar 2012

Paraquat is a critical component of an at-planting herbicide application.

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Glyphosate-resistant Italian Ryegrass Spreading across Mississippi

Glyphosate-resistant Italian Ryegrass Spreading across Mississippi Updated

🕔14:34, 29.Mar 2012

The severity of the glyphosate-resistant (GR) Italian ryegrass problem in Mississippi has varied from year to year. This year has been the worst year since the initial confirmation in 2005, and GR Italian ryegrass is spreading.

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True Armyworms Showing Up In MS Wheat Ahead of Schedule Updated

🕔08:20, 29.Mar 2012

In the last couple of days there have been calls coming in about armyworms in wheat. It is not unusual for us to get armyworms in wheat in MS but this at least 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule compared to years past.

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Time to Start Thinking About Plant Bugs Updated

🕔21:18, 25.Mar 2012

The time until cotton starts to square is still a few months away, but it is not too early to start thinking about managing plant bugs in cotton. With the mild winter, plant bug population densities appear to be a little higher on wild hosts than they have the past couple of years.

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Top iPad Apps for Agriculture Updated

🕔14:43, 23.Mar 2012

Below is a short list of apps that I have found helpful in the agriculture world. This list is by no means the only ones available or useful. These are just the ones I found to be pertinent and can help your overall productivity. I am sure there are more apps out there that could be beneficial, but I may not have discovered them yet. As always, I welcome your comments.

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Soybean Variety Selection Tool

Soybean Variety Selection Tool Updated

🕔09:33, 23.Mar 2012

Variety selection is one of the most critical components in maximizing soybean yields. Soil type, planting date, maturity group, and many other factors are key components in selecting the correct variety for your farm. The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board offers a tool to aid you in your selection.

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How to Plant Corn for Higher Yields Updated

🕔14:35, 19.Mar 2012

Corn is quite unique because much of its potential productivity is determined during the planting process. Thus, corn is often much more responsive or dependent on variables implemented during planting than other Southern crops. This article gives planting guidelines for enhancing corn productivity.

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Exemption granted for Corn Seed Bird Repellent Updated

🕔22:36, 13.Mar 2012

We are pleased to announce the EPA has granted the Mississippi Department of Agriculture a Section 18 emergency exemption allowing the use of anthraquinone, which is an unregistered product marketed as Avipel on field or sweet corn seed for the purpose of repelling blackbirds and cowbirds in newly planted corn fields in the state of Mississippi.

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Supply and Demand Report Recap Updated

🕔16:47, 10.Mar 2012

USDA released their monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report on Friday (Mar 9). With respect to crops, the report continues to project production and use for the 2011/12 marketing year which encompasses the 2011 crop. Therefore, the United State’s production

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Mississippi State Soil Fertility Manual Now Available Updated

🕔14:13, 8.Mar 2012

MSU Extension Service Publication 2647, Nutrient Management Guidelines for Agronomic Crops Grown in Mississippi, is now available. It includes: ********************************** Introduction to Nutrient Management The Soils of Mississippi Plant Nutrients Introduction to Soil Testing Introduction to Inorganic Fertilizers Lime, Liming

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Wheat Leaf Rust and Stripe Rust Update: March 2, 2012 Updated

🕔13:03, 2.Mar 2012

Over the past two weeks the reports of both stripe and leaf rust of wheat have increased in MS. The following blog article provides information regarding the developing situation. The continued unseasonably warm environmental conditions may contribute to an increase in stripe rust severity this season.

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The Corn Refuge Conundrum for the South Updated

🕔10:44, 1.Mar 2012

Word on the street is there will be many more corn refuge checks in 2012 in cotton growing regions. This is due to decreasing compliance over the last couple of years.  However, it is getting so complicated that one grower

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Metribuzin-tolerance Screening of Selected Soybean Cultivars Updated

🕔09:25, 1.Mar 2012

For many years, one of the mainstay residual herbicides in soybean weed control systems was metribuzin (Sencor/Lexone). One of the drawbacks to metribuzin use is the sensitivity of some soybean varieties to this herbicide. A research project conducted by Mississippi State University and the University of Arkansas screened some of the modern germplasms available to producers for metribuzin tolerance.

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