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Special Agents (Lime Version)

Special Agents (Lime Version) Updated

🕔10:07, 31.Jul 2021

Acid pH in many Mississippi soils challenges plant growth regardless of scale, from a 400-acre row crop field to the back yard. While alkaline pH soils present some issues in the Blackland Prairies and some salt-impacted areas in the state,

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Return on Investment, or Testimonials?

Return on Investment, or Testimonials? Updated

🕔16:06, 7.May 2021

Newspapers were all paper and sometimes quite thick when I was younger. I trained myself to ignore almost all the advertisements in them to speed things along, particularly with Sunday editions. It may chagrin the business community to learn that

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Sulfur, the Quiet Plant Nutrient Updated

🕔09:56, 5.Feb 2021

Sulfur (S) is essential for growing plants. It is a component of two of the amino acids that make up proteins. According to The Fertilizer Institute, 200 bushels of corn per acre removes 16 pounds and 60 bushels of soybeans

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Reviewing Poultry Litter as a Row Crop Fertilizer

Reviewing Poultry Litter as a Row Crop Fertilizer Updated

🕔09:34, 15.Jan 2021

It is time to once again review using poultry litter, aka broiler litter, to fertilize row crops. Many growers now have their own experiences, so this should be a reminder. Prior to the last 10-15 years, poultry litter was primarily

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A Little Goes a Long Way

A Little Goes a Long Way Updated

🕔08:24, 21.Dec 2020

Plants require very small amounts of some of the essential elements; these micronutrients are necessary for plant growth, development, and reproduction. Most Mississippi soils provide enough micronutrients for crop production. However, boron, zinc, molybdenum, iron, and manganese may present issues.

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