Wheat Disease Update: March 30, 2013 Updated

🕔09:45, 30.Mar 2013

Stripe rust continues to be observed throughout scattered fields in the Delta. In addition, leaf rust was confirmed in isolated cases over the past week. Keep in mind that not all fields will require a fungicide application to prevent yield loss. Scout wheat fields at this time for stripe rust hot spots (small in size = less than 3 feet in diameter; to large in size = several trucks) and determine the wheat variety present before deciding on a fungicide application.

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Soybean Disease Monitoring: Soybean Sentinel Plot Update and 2013 Soybean Rust Fungicide List Updated

🕔13:35, 29.Mar 2013

As we move towards the soybean season we’ve included some information regarding the labeled fungicides for application to prevent yield loss as a result of soybean rust. Soybean rust was able to overwinter in several Gulf Coast states (AL, FL, LA). However, at present, soybean rust has not been detected on kudzu in MS.

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Prospective Plantings and Grain Stocks Updated

🕔16:13, 28.Mar 2013

USDA released their annual Prospective Plantings report and quarterly Grain Stocks reports today (Mar 28). The acreage report was largely in-line with pre-report expectations, but the stocks report had quite a shock for corn supplies and a slight surprise for

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Wheat Disease Update: March 23, 2013 Updated

🕔11:38, 23.Mar 2013

Additional stripe rust has been detected throughout the MS Delta over the past two weeks. Scout fields for the presence of stripe rust to determine the extent of the infection in the wheat production area. Keep in mind that stripe rust will appear different on younger wheat plants still in the early vegetative stages than it does on more mature wheat plants.

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Small Grains Market Report Updated

🕔16:29, 22.Mar 2013

— The following is from Dr. Brian Williams — Nearby May wheat futures closed up a penny Friday to close the week at $7.29/bu. May corn finished down 6 cents at 7.26, but corn did finished up on the week.

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Rice Planting Progress Updated

🕔15:55, 21.Mar 2013

The 2013 rice planting season has begun in Mississippi. In addition to the first planting date study my staff planted Thursday, March 14, rumor has it a small amount of rice was planted near Arcola March 15 and 16. Rice

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The Fungicides Updated

🕔14:50, 19.Mar 2013

Throughout the season many ag-related professionals ask questions about particular fungicides. More specifically, sometimes it can be confusing to determine if a particular product falls in the strobilurin class of fungicides or the triazole class of fungicides. The current update includes information to help determine the particular class of fungicides for strobilurin, triazole, and pre-mix products using fungicides labeled for application in soybean as an example.

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Fall Residual Herbicides: A Double Edged Sword Updated

🕔09:18, 15.Mar 2013

Fall-applied residual herbicides went out on a significant amount of acreage in Mississippi during the fall of 2012.  In some cases, such as where glyphosate-resistant Italian ryegrass is present, these applications are key components for optimizing weed control.  However, in

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Top Ten Keys to High Corn Yields Updated

🕔21:19, 14.Mar 2013

You must provide numerous resources and management to optimize the opportunity for corn plants to produce high yields. Of course, favorable weather plays a huge role as well. This article describes areas where we can improve corn yield potential.

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Insecticide Seed Treatments in Soybeans Updated

🕔14:53, 13.Mar 2013

What is the importance of a neonicotinoid insecticide seed treatment in soybeans? Basically it is a risk management tool. Soybean seedlings have a tremendous amount of vigor and can tolerate a substantial amount of insect injury. However, early planted soybeans can encounter less than optimal environmental conditions which can stress plants and reduce vigor. Insect injury under these conditions is an additional stress. During 2010, it is estimated that the use of insecticide seed treatments in soybeans resulted in a value of $28.8 million to Mississippi soybean growers.

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Rice Seed Rates Updated

🕔12:41, 13.Mar 2013

Numerous seed rate studies have been conducted for drill-seeded rice.  Dr. Jason Bond and I published work in 2005, and recently, Dr. Dustin Harrell at the Rice Research Station in Crowley, LA, has updated their seeding rate recommendations.  The common

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Rice Planting Season Updated

🕔16:56, 12.Mar 2013

Many of you may already be aware that Dr. Nathan Buehring no longer serves as the Extension Rice Specialist for Mississippi State University.  Nathan chose to pursue another career in farming and resigned from MSU on February 15.  Nathan and

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2013 Cotton Maturity Guide Updated

🕔10:48, 12.Mar 2013

Although performance generally drives variety selection decisions, varietal maturity is usually considered when making variety selection decisions.  To that end, we have updated our cotton maturity chart for 2013.  Keep in mind that several factors can affect varietal maturity and

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Fungicide Applications in Wheat: Targeting Disease to Prevent Yield Loss (updated 3/13/13) Updated

🕔21:19, 11.Mar 2013

Deciding on a specific fungicide depends on the particular disease in the field. Also, response of a fungicide, as related to wheat yield, will depend on the particular disease, susceptibility of a particular variety, as well as the fungicide applied and at what growth stage the application is made. Results from two 2012 foliar fungicide trials are included to aid in fungicide selection. Keep in mind, that overall yield responses are the result of the fungicide’s efficacy when management the disease observed.

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When is it Time to Start Planting Corn? Updated

🕔21:44, 3.Mar 2013

March is here, expectations are high and our fields may dry out soon, if rain holds off. So when should we start planting corn? This article gives tangible recommendations for determining suitable planting time when nature throws us curveballs.

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