Wheat fungicide pre-harvest intervals Updated

🕔13:03, 29.Apr 2011

Over the past week I have continued to receive calls regarding the fungicide application restrictions in wheat.  The specific wheat pre-harvest intervals are set to reduce the likelihood of a residue issue at the elevator.  I do realize there has

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Mississippi Wheat Disease Update Updated

🕔14:14, 15.Apr 2011

Currently, the wheat crop continues to be mostly disease free. The majority of the wheat crop is heading to flowering depending on the geographic location within Mississippi. At present, the two most prevalent diseases are leaf and stripe rust.

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Mississippi Wheat Disease Update and Fungicide Decisions Updated

🕔20:54, 24.Mar 2011

Mississippi Wheat Disease Update and Fungicide Decisions At present there is little to no disease in the Mississippi wheat crop. On Monday, low levels of powdery mildew were detected in a research plot in Stoneville. In addition, low levels of

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Key Corn Verification Findings Updated

🕔00:02, 12.Mar 2011

One of the objectives of this program is to identify key production limitations, so the Mississippi State University Extension Service and Experiment Station can better direct efforts to develop innovations for our specific problems. This is a summary of such limitations documented during the past few years.

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Monitoring Aphids in Mississippi Wheat Updated

🕔13:34, 1.Mar 2011

Several aphid species can be found in wheat throughout Mississippi each year. The most common are bird cherry-oat aphids, green bugs, and corn leaf aphids.

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2010 Row Crop Short Course Video Links Updated

🕔13:57, 14.Feb 2011

The 2010 Row Crop Short Course was held at Mississippi State University on December 6 – 8, 2010.  As we expanded the Short Course in 2009, we also have adopted technology to record the oral and visual portions of the presentations. 

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Evaluation of Peanut Prescription Rx Program in Mississippi

Evaluation of Peanut Prescription Rx Program in Mississippi Updated

🕔12:50, 24.Jan 2011

The Peanut Prescription Rx Program has proven successful in peanut producing areas for several years, and some growers in Mississippi are trying this on their farms. The program utilizes several factors to determine the risk of infection from a particular disease. After the risk has been assessed, a prescription fungicide recommendation can then be made. This study is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of this program in Mississippi.

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