Cotton: Foliar Fungal Diseases Beginning to be Observed Throughout Delta Updated

🕔11:47, 27.Aug 2011

Well, it is that time of year again. Seems over the past 5 seasons we begin to encounter foliar cotton diseases during this particular week in August. 2011 appears to be the year when the majority of these leaf spots are the worst they’ve been compared to the previous 4 seasons.

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Corn Ear Molds: What Color are Your Ears? Updated

🕔13:15, 23.Aug 2011

This is the time of the year when I tend to get a ton of telephone calls regarding the presence of rotten (moldy) corn ears. Over the past few weeks I’ve observed a range of symptoms on corn ears. In extreme cases the entire ear was covered with fungal growth and corn kernels were beginning to sprout but in the less severe cases only the tip was covered with fungus. Many fungi can inhabit a corn ear and in some cases the specific fungus present will depend on health of the corn plant, whether or not the ear has sustained any damage (insect or otherwise), how far the ear filled out, previous crop in the field, length of time in the field past physiological maturity, plant stress and duration of the stress during the season, and environmental conditions.

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Cotton Boll Rot: Potential Implications of Bacterial Blight Updated

🕔07:00, 19.Aug 2011

Bacterial blight (or angular leaf spot) continues to be the hot topic in cotton production even at this late stage in the season. With continued temperatures between 86 and 97°F as well as scattered rainfall throughout much of the state it is likely that bacterial blight will continue to defoliate plants and infect bolls.

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General Soybean Disease Update: August 13, 2011 Updated

🕔17:04, 13.Aug 2011

Southern MS On Monday and Tuesday (August 8 & 9) the soybean disease scouting crew made a tour through southern MS to scout soybean sentinel plots as well as commercial fields and kudzu.  Little if any disease was identified; however,

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2011 Cotton Bacterial Blight Trial Ratings: Stoneville, MS Updated

🕔17:24, 29.Jul 2011

Currently, a trial is underway in Stoneville, MS to determine the impact of bacterial blight on the yield of some of the more commonly planted cotton varieties in MS.

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Aerial Web Blight of Soybean Updated

🕔17:15, 22.Jul 2011

Soybean scouting continues throughout MS for foliar diseases.  Over the past week to ten days, aerial web blight has been identified in several fields in eastern and northeastern MS.  However, aerial blight has not been identified in the Delta and seems

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UPDATE: Bacterial Blight of Cotton Updated

🕔11:38, 21.Jul 2011

Over the past 7 days, numerous cotton fields have been determined to be infected with bacterial blight, caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. malvacearum (formerly Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum).  In addition to the growing number of acres in MS having been

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General Soybean Disease Update: Soybean Sentinel Plot Situation and Regional Soybean Rust Update, July 16, 2011 Updated

🕔17:04, 16.Jul 2011

The soybean crop is advancing regardless of the extreme environmental conditions encountered throughout MS.  At present, there are no foliar diseases of much consequence to report from either soybean sentinel plots or commercial fields.  A little frogeye leaf spot has

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ALERT: Bacterial Blight of Cotton Updated

🕔21:04, 15.Jul 2011

Several fields of cotton in the Delta, as well as one field in Monroe County exhibiting symptoms of bacterial blight have been detected over the past 5 days.  In addition, a significant acreage of cotton in Arkansas has been determined

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Corn Foliar Disease Update: July 8, 2011 – Southern Corn Rust Detected at LOW LEVELS Updated

🕔07:04, 8.Jul 2011

Southern corn rust was detected in Coahoma County yesterday at VERY LOW LEVELS. This does NOT mean that a fungicide application is necessary especially since most corn has reached the dent stage throughout the general area. To date this has been the only southern rust detected in MS.

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Cotton Foliar Disease and Fungicide Application Updated

🕔13:34, 1.Jul 2011

The incidence of foliar disease in cotton across MS have been on the rise over the past 5 years. In addition, fungicide applications have been suggested as a means of managing the leaf spots and increasing yield. Research trials conducted at MSU and elsewhere suggest that fungicides aren’t beneficial when it comes to enhancing cotton yield.

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Corn Foliar Disease Update: June 24, 2011 Updated

🕔20:16, 24.Jun 2011

At present there is still little to no foliar disease in the majority of the corn crop.  Many of the calls I’ve received over the past 7 to 10 days have dealt with sun scald, herbicide injury or urea burn

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Soybean Disease Calendars for Maturity Group IV and V Soybean Updated

🕔10:53, 20.Jun 2011

One of the biggest questions I receive each year has to do with whether or not a specific disease is present on soybean at a particular time.  Most and I say most since this is a statement that can differ

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Corn Foliar Disease Update: June 15, 2011 Updated

🕔22:14, 15.Jun 2011

At present, low levels of foliar disease continue to be reported from some corn fields throughout the Delta.  Over the past week more common rust has been identified throughout the corn canopy.  I’ve received several telephone calls questioning whether or

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After the Flood: Row Crop Replanting Updated

🕔01:49, 10.Jun 2011

MSU Extension Service and MAFES researchers have compiled the following suggestions and information regarding replanting and managing row crops after the flood. Also included is post-flood crop insurance information.

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General Corn Foliar Disease Update: June 8, 2011 Updated

🕔23:06, 8.Jun 2011

At present, and generally due to the hot and dry conditions, little if any foliar disease is present in the Mississippi corn crop.  On Friday (June 3) I scouted fields in the Tchula/Thornton area.  The particular fields were dryland corn

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Soybean Seedling Disease and Fungicide Seed Treatment Issues to Consider Following Flooded Soils Updated

🕔14:52, 4.Jun 2011

Pythium seedling diseases and fungicide seed treatments Little if any information seems to exist regarding the specific fungicide seed treatment suggestions that would follow extended periods of soil flooding.  In the past, most of the published research has been conducted

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Mississippi Soybean Sentinel Plot Update and Regional Soybean Rust Situation Updated

🕔07:13, 4.Jun 2011

Funding has been secured to monitor for soybean rust from the United Soybean Board and to conduct a general soybean disease monitoring program through funding from the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board.  As in the past, soybean sentinel plots were planted

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The corn fungicide dilemma: when should a fungicide be applied? Part V of V, preventing yield loss from foliar disease Updated

🕔16:15, 29.May 2011

Over the past 4 updates I’ve attempted to present data that suggests the best time to apply a fungicide is in response to a foliar disease that could potentially reduce yield.  In many situations particular fungicide products are being touted

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The corn fungicide dilemma: when should a fungicide be applied? Part IV of V, standability/lodging Updated

🕔11:05, 28.May 2011

Much has been made of the ability of strobilurin fungicides to prevent corn from lodging, typically towards the end of the season.  Since 2007 I have received countless calls that have gone something like “we sprayed a field with fungicide

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The corn fungicide dilemma: when should a fungicide be applied? Part III of V, green leaf material as measured by percent chlorophyll Updated

🕔15:09, 27.May 2011

Since 2007, fungicide products containing a strobilurin active ingredient have been suggested to increase plant “greenness” or allow the plants to stay greener longer in the field following a tassel (VT) application.  Increased green plant tissue has been stated to

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The corn fungicide dilemma: when should a fungicide be applied? Part II of V, irrigated versus non-irrigated situations Updated

🕔22:45, 26.May 2011

From 2007 through 2009 Mississippi State University extension and research personnel were involved in a large corn fungicide research effort funded by the Mississippi Corn Promotion Board.  Except for situations where corn was planted on experiment stations (Brooksville, Pontotoc, Raymond,

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The corn fungicide dilemma: when should a fungicide be applied? Part I of V, yield in the absence of measureable disease Updated

🕔12:49, 23.May 2011

To keep each of the sections short I’ve separated the entire segment regarding fungicide application in corn into 5 general segments. 2011 marks my 5th season with Mississippi State University.  Since I started this job on May 15 2007, one

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Bacterial leaf streak and black chaffe of wheat Updated

🕔09:41, 15.May 2011

Over the past few weeks I’ve received numerous calls regarding wheat leaves and heads that have gone from not presenting disease-like symptoms to presenting disease symptoms in a short period of time.  In addition to leaf symptoms (see top photo),

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Planting Progress Updated

🕔16:21, 13.May 2011

Tremendous headway was made this week with regard to cotton planting.  Planters started moving late last week as well as over the weekend.  By Monday, planting activities for several crops were well underway throughout the state.  While flooding is of

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