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Supply and Demand Report Recap

🕔16:39, 12.Jul 2011

USDA released it’s monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report this morning – roughly two weeks since sending shock waves through the markets with their June 30 Acreage and Grain Stocks report.  The WASDE report was expected to

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June Acreage Report **Corrected**

🕔08:11, 1.Jul 2011

by John Michael Riley (MSU Ag Economics) and John Anderson (American Farm Bureau) Yesterday morning, USDA released the results of their annual planted acreage survey, and the results took the market by surprise.  Soybean acres were predicted to be 76.53

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O.A. Cleveland Weekly Cotton Report: June 16, 2011

🕔09:09, 21.Jun 2011

The macroeconomic lesson was the key to the cotton market this week as the sharply increased value of the U.S. dollar along with troubling economic news from across the globe sent cotton and most other commodities sharply lower. Cotton has now lost some 17 cents from the four week high. The slowing demand out of China, coupled with glowing official comments regarding a very promising Chinese crop, have offset the disastrous crop conditions in the U.S.

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Supply and Demand Report Recap

🕔16:52, 10.Jun 2011

On Thursday the United States Department of Agriculture released its monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand report (WASDE).  The June report was the second that revealed projections regarding the current growing season for crops.  The report continued the ongoing theme

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After the Flood: Row Crop Replanting

🕔01:49, 10.Jun 2011

MSU Extension Service and MAFES researchers have compiled the following suggestions and information regarding replanting and managing row crops after the flood. Also included is post-flood crop insurance information.

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Market Update

🕔11:05, 20.May 2011

Commodity markets remain in a very volatile state – especially based on events over the past two weeks.  The event that hits closest to home is the flooding.  From a national perspective the planting delays for corn across the Midwest

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Market Update

🕔09:12, 6.May 2011

As concerns mount about the potential damage to Mississippi crops from the flooding of the Mississippi River and its tributaries, many are left with more questions than answers.  For those with crop insurance we are being told to remain in contact with

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O.A. Cleveland Weekly Cotton Report: April 8, 2011

🕔10:42, 12.Apr 2011

Cotton prices found mostly clear sailing this week on the heels of last weeks planting intentions report. As it did in last Friday’s trading the new crop December contract led the market all the way to 145.00 cents before falling back to 136.00 cent level. Too, the nearby old crop May contract jumped above two dollars again, working the 207‑212 range at week’s end.

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World Agricultural Supply and Demand Report Recap

🕔10:35, 8.Apr 2011

USDA released its monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report earlier this morning (Friday, April 8).  The report revealed few changes for grains as soybeans and corn had no wholesale changes to their balance sheets.  Rice and wheat

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O.A. Cleveland Weekly Cotton Report: April 1, 2011

🕔15:07, 4.Apr 2011

The USDA March 31 planting intentions report was the driving force behind this week’s higher prices. The good news for growers—bad news for mills—was that the price advance was led by the new crop December contract. The report was another bright headlight shining directly on the world’s concern of low global stocks.

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Prospective Plantings and Grain Stocks Recap

🕔09:15, 1.Apr 2011

USDA released their annual Prospective Plantings report and their quarterly Grain Stocks report yesterday morning. Both reports are key information pieces for grain, oilseed and cotton prices at this point in the year. The Prospective Plantings report provided few tangible surprises as most acreage numbers reported were in-line with pre-report expectations.

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O. A. Cleveland’s Weekly Cotton Report, March 11, 2011

🕔11:30, 15.Mar 2011

March established cotton’s all time high at 227.00 cents during the delivery period while May posted its life of contract high at 219.70 cents. Thus, the contract highs for three consecutive months; March, May and July 2011, all posted highs well above the two dollar mark.

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March Ag Supply and Demand Report Recap

🕔18:12, 10.Mar 2011

USDA released it’s March World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report this morning.  At this time in the marketing year few wholesale changes are typically seen in the report for U.S. summer crop production and use.  This came to

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O.A. Cleveland Cotton Report March 4, 2011

🕔07:54, 4.Mar 2011

The cotton market offers no rest for the weary as it continues to run over anything or anyone that dares to put a lid on it. The May contract has taken over as the lead month and also assumed the price leadership role with its climb above two dollars.

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Rice Update February 25, 2011

🕔13:59, 25.Feb 2011

This update covers rice burndown considerations, hybrid insecticide seed treatments, and 2011 USDA Outlook Agriculture Forum – Rice Planting Intentions.

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2010 Row Crop Short Course Video Links

🕔13:57, 14.Feb 2011

The 2010 Row Crop Short Course was held at Mississippi State University on December 6 – 8, 2010.  As we expanded the Short Course in 2009, we also have adopted technology to record the oral and visual portions of the presentations. 

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Bayer CropScience-O.A. Cleveland Weekly Cotton Commentary

🕔12:05, 14.Feb 2011

Cotton futures hit 194.55 Friday, surmounting the all time high of 190.00 cents, established in 1864, during the U. S. Civil War era.

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