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Corn Hail Damage and other Storm Issues

🕔17:01, 27.May 2012

Corn fields in several areas of the state unfortunately took a beating from hail and wind associated with storms May 20-22. Several different types of damage may have occurred depending upon the type of storm, including hail damage, lodging and greensnap. This article will describe how much damage may have occurred.

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Corn Diseases to Watch for While Scouting Corn

🕔11:58, 25.May 2012

Scouting corn can be especially challenging. Looking for disease within the corn canopy can take a tremendous amount of time and should be done a little different depending on the particular crop stage encountered. Once an ear has set (post-tassel) focusing on the ear leaf and above is generally the best scouting method since protecting the ear leaf is important. I’ve included several descriptions and pertinenent information regarding some of the more commonly encountered diseases in our corn production system.

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2012 Insect Scout School Dates Set

🕔15:54, 15.May 2012

The insect scout schools for 2012 have been set.  At each scout school we will go over biology, thresholds, and scouting techniques for each of the major pests of cotton, soybean, and corn.  This is a great refresher for the

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Soybean Seedling Disease Identification: Pythium Damping-off and Root Rot

🕔09:37, 3.May 2012

Environment is the key component in the expression of every plant disease.  Especially when considering the occurrence of seedling diseases we typically have a situation in place where inoculum is present in the soil, more than likely in high quantities,

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2012 Mississippi Soybean Sentinel Plot Program

🕔17:47, 13.Apr 2012

Sentinel plots will continue to be used to monitor for yield-limiting diseases throughout MS during the 2012 season. Even though in the past sentinel plots have more typically been used to monitor for the presence of soybean rust, the plots will be used to monitor for all economically important soybean diseases.

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Wheat Disease Update: March 29

🕔23:27, 29.Mar 2012

Wheat diseases continue to be identified throughout the MS production area. Barley yellow dwarf virus, leaf rust, powdery mildew, and stripe rust are all present in limited situations in several counties.

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Bollworm, Budworm and Beet Armyworm Trap Catch, 5-19-11

🕔15:50, 20.May 2011

Weekly pheromone trap captures from Northeast, Central and Delta regions of Mississippi are reported. Light to moderate bollworm pressure with very few tobacco budworms and beet armyworms caught during the week of May 12 to 18.

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How to deal with Glyphosate Resistance and Weed Issues in Corn

🕔12:45, 21.Apr 2011

Increasing populations of glyphosate-resistant and other herbicide-resistant weed species demand we adapt our corn weed control systems to address specific issues and prevent new ones. This may require you to implement strategies for a specific weed, plan on multiple herbicide applications, and improve your application timing.

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Will Corn Sustain Injury from Sand-Blasting?

🕔16:16, 15.Apr 2011

Strong winds sand-blasted young, emerged corn plants in many fields this week. Fortunately, corn can sustain considerable vegetative damage during early growth stages without limiting development or yield.

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Identifying Glyphosate Drift Injury on Wheat Plants

🕔18:18, 23.Mar 2011

Identifying off-target herbicide injury may be difficult when a definitive pattern is not readily apparent, substantial acreage is involved, or distance is considerable. This article gives some guidelines and photos to help identify glyphosate drift on wheat, so that you can manage appropriately.

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