The Principles of Plant Pathology: The Disease Triangle and Influence of the Environment Updated

🕔17:38, 31.Aug 2012

Plant pathogens require a specific set of factors to occur at the same time for disease to begin. More often than not diseases require a prolonged conducive environment before the pathogen can produce observable symptoms.

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Insect Trap Counts, August 29, 2012

Insect Trap Counts, August 29, 2012 Updated

🕔13:30, 31.Aug 2012

Bollworm trap counts dropped slightly from the previous week in the Delta and Central MS regions while staying about the same in the Northeastern MS region. Tobacco budworm counts also dropped back some this week while beet armyworm counts were

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Impact of Hurricane Isaac on Soybean Rust and Potential Management Decisions

Impact of Hurricane Isaac on Soybean Rust and Potential Management Decisions Updated

🕔11:48, 31.Aug 2012

Over the past six weeks soybean rust has been detected in numerous soybean fields throughout Mississippi.  Even though it appears that a large number of counties have soybean plants infected with the disease, at present only low levels of soybean

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Weed of the Week: Southwestern Cupgrass Updated

🕔09:39, 30.Aug 2012

Southwestern cupgrass has become an increasing problem in recent years in Mississippi.

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Soybean Harvest Aids Updated

🕔08:43, 28.Aug 2012

Soybean harvest has begun in several places around the state. According to the USDA Agricultural Statistics Service in Mississippi, 34% of the soybean acreage is dropping leaves and 9% has been harvested. Yield reports at this point are optimistic in

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Predicted conditions surrounding Isaac favor diseases of peanut Updated

🕔21:39, 26.Aug 2012

As of Sunday evening, it appears that Tropical Storm Isaac will slow, turn into a hurricane, and hit our Gulf Coast sometime Tuesday. Rainfall amounts are forecast in inches below I-20 and tropical storm conditions are expected to prevail for

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2012 MSU Short List of Suggested Wheat Varieties Updated

🕔11:08, 25.Aug 2012

This article lists those wheat varieties which have demonstrated superior productivity in the MSU Wheat and Oat Variety Trials and summarizes their characteristics. This impartial information should help you better assess how many variety traits potentially work to affect wheat performance on your farm next season.

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2012 Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide Updated

🕔14:10, 24.Aug 2012

Cotton harvest aid applications are beginning to go out on some of the earliest planted and/or burnt up cotton in several areas throughout the state.  As most know, there are several methods that can be used to time defoliation applications;

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Insect Trap Counts, August 22, 2012

Insect Trap Counts, August 22, 2012 Updated

🕔09:33, 24.Aug 2012

Bollworm trap catches were up sharply this week all across the state to levels higher than seen at any time this year. Tobacco budworm catches were also higher this week, particularly in the northern Delta region. While many crops are

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Weed of the Week: Broadleaf Signalgrass Updated

🕔08:00, 22.Aug 2012

Broadleaf signalgrass is widely dispersed throughout the southeastern region of the United States.

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Soybean Foliar Disease Update: August 21, 2012

Soybean Foliar Disease Update: August 21, 2012 Updated

🕔16:52, 21.Aug 2012

Foliar disease in the soybean crop continue to be observed throughout MS. Presently, soybean rust has been detected in 11 counties, with Lowndes, Noxubee, and Winston being the most current finds (8/21/2012). In addtiion, frogeye leaf spot and Cercospora blight continue to be observed across a greater number of acres.

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Insect Management in Late Planted Grain Sorghum Updated

🕔11:39, 18.Aug 2012

Mississippi producers planted 65K acres of grain sorghum this year, up from 52K acres in 2011, and 12K acres in 2010. Grain sorghum traditionally in MS has been considered a “step child” crop that went on the worst dry land

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Insect Trap Counts, August 15, 2012

Insect Trap Counts, August 15, 2012 Updated

🕔14:48, 16.Aug 2012

Tobacco budworm catches were up sharply this week, especially in the northern and central Delta region. Bollworm catches were slightly higher in all regions of the state. With higher tobacco budworm catches, the proportion of worms that are budworms in

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Terminating Soybean Irrigation Updated

🕔18:51, 15.Aug 2012

At this point in the growing season, those with irrigation capabilities are looking at their crop to decide how much additional water it will take to finish things off. Scattered rains over the last few days have helped make this

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Weed of the Week:  Browntop Millet

Weed of the Week: Browntop Millet Updated

🕔08:22, 13.Aug 2012

In Mississippi, browntop millet is found in cultivated areas, lawns, pastures, and along roadsides.

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Terminating Spider Mite Applications in Cotton

Terminating Spider Mite Applications in Cotton Updated

🕔10:23, 11.Aug 2012

When to terminate spider mite treatments can be a very difficult decision this time of year. Spider mites can cause yield loss directly by feeding on small squares and bolls causing them to abort, or indirectly by feeding on leaves which reduces photosynthesis not allowing bolls to fill out correctly. In many ways this indirect damage would be very similar to defoliation.

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Cotton Foliar Leaf Spots: Determining the Underlying Cause is Most Important Management Option Updated

🕔10:13, 11.Aug 2012

Foliar leaf spot diseases continue to be observed throughout the MS cotton production area. Determing the particular leaf spot at the field level can be quite difficult especially if the leaf spots are a result of a foliar potassium deficiency. Bacterial blight, Corynespora leaf spot, and various other fungal diseases are being observed at present within our production system.

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Week of August 10 Peanut Crop Update Updated

🕔11:08, 10.Aug 2012

As a Plant Pathologist, I tend to divide the peanut crop in Mississippi into growing areas based on the “climate” and soils.  Both influence the type and amount of disease pressure experienced in that growing area and, incidentally, quality and

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August USDA Report Recaps Updated

🕔09:44, 10.Aug 2012

[note: I have a prior obligation today. Here is a quick synopsis of the reports with more to come in later today or over the weekend] This morning USDA’s World Agricultural Outlook Board released their August estimates of U.S. and

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Fruiting Gaps Present in Mississippi Cotton Fields

Fruiting Gaps Present in Mississippi Cotton Fields Updated

🕔00:22, 10.Aug 2012

Open bolls are beginning to appear in several areas of the state which is signaling that we are headed toward the finish line with this crop.  However, several calls have come in this week regarding fruiting gaps present in a

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Insect Trap Counts, August 8, 2012

Insect Trap Counts, August 8, 2012 Updated

🕔09:25, 9.Aug 2012

Bollworm pheromone trap counts were lower in all regions of MS this week and they weren’t very high before. Tobacco budworm and beet armyworm catches also remain at low levels. Unless something dramatic happens in the next few weeks, it looks like

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Post-Harvest Weed Control Options Updated

🕔17:13, 8.Aug 2012

Tillage (disking, chisel plowing, etc.) is a common means of post-harvest weed control and a way to encourage rapid degradation of crop residues. However, this process can also bring new weed seeds to the surface, allowing them to germinate.

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Weed of the Week: Sicklepod Updated

🕔14:56, 7.Aug 2012

Sicklepod is competitive with row crops during their seedling stages, so the first few weeks after planting are critical for control.

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Choosing Winter Wheat Varieties with Tolerance to Leaf and Stripe Rust Updated

🕔09:14, 6.Aug 2012

Six locations of the MS wheat variety trial plots were rated for the presence of leaf and stripe rust. Included is information regarding the reaction of each of the varieties contained to aid in determing the best wheat varieties with rust tolerance to plant for the 2012/2013 season.

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Last of July/First August Update and Ernesto Advisory Updated

🕔23:53, 5.Aug 2012

Current update Last of July/First of August and Tropical Storm Ernesto Advisory White mold White mold began germinating and growing on dead organic matter in the south about 18 days ago in south central Mississippi, but really started to kill

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