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Posts From Erick Larson, State Extension Specialist - Grain Crops

Keys for Seeding High Yielding Wheat Updated

🕔14:05, 10.Oct 2014

Wheat can be successfully established and grown using many planting methods, but several management practices can certainly enhance your potential for growing a productive crop this season. Those practices include timely planting, appropriate seeding rates and methods, suitable seedbed preparation and fall weed control.

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2014 MSU Short List of Suggested Wheat Varieties Updated

🕔17:52, 23.Sep 2014

This publication lists those wheat varieties which have demonstrated superior productivity in the MSU Wheat and Oat Variety Trials and summarizes their characteristics. This impartial information should help you better assess wheat varieties which are best suited for your farm.

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When is it safe to Apply a Grain Sorghum Harvest Aid and what to Expect? Updated

🕔08:45, 14.Aug 2014

Many growers in the Mid-South apply a herbicide shortly prior to sorghum harvest to facilitate combine efficiency and suitable grain moisture. This season, this issue is even more critically important because of severe harvest problems potentially created by White Sugarcane aphid infestation. This article will discuss appropriate timing and potential outcome of such harvest aid applications.

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Preliminary Wheat Variety Yield Data Updated

🕔17:20, 1.Aug 2014

Preliminary yield data from the 2014 MSU Wheat Variety Trials are now available. This article provides suggestions for analyzing and making variety selection decisions using this data.

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What Should You do about Late Southern Corn Rust? Updated

🕔09:54, 1.Aug 2014

Southern corn rust continues to be observed throughout MS. We continue to receive calls regarding late fungicide applications (> R4/R5) to reduce yield losses attributed to southern rust. Numerous myths regarding the disease have been widely spread throughout the MS corn production area including death of a corn plant in as fast as 7 days following southern rust infection and lodging as a result of heavy southern rust infection.

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White Sugarcane Aphid Update – 8/1/2014 Updated

🕔09:48, 1.Aug 2014

White sugarcane aphid infestations are increasing across the state and more applications are going out to manage this pest. Over the last week to 10 days we have heard about numerous fields that have received a second application. Remember, that the Section 18 label for Transform states that no more than 2 applications can be made in a field.

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“It ain’t over till it’s over!” / Turnrow Talks Updated

🕔10:18, 21.Jul 2014

“It ain’t over till it’s over!” Amazing as it seems, several producers have not laid poly pipe. After the five plus inches of rainfall we received last week, some producers are questioning the need to lay pipe this late in

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Vulnerability of Corn to Late-Season Issues?

Vulnerability of Corn to Late-Season Issues? Updated

🕔12:08, 19.Jul 2014

Corn is not immune to yield loss until physiological maturity occurs. However, it is not nearly as vulnerable during late reproductive stages. This article includes a chart which should substantially help assess the risk of potential corn yield reduction during late reproductive stages.

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Will We Need to Irrigate Our Corn Again?

Will We Need to Irrigate Our Corn Again? Updated

🕔23:45, 3.Jul 2014

Considering the abundant rainfall during June and the corn crop progressing closer toward maturity, many are wondering whether additional irrigation may even be needed. This article discusses how to make that and other late-season irrigation decisions.

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Corn Disease Update: June 28, 2014

Corn Disease Update: June 28, 2014 Updated

🕔09:27, 28.Jun 2014

Foliar corn diseases continue to be observed throughout the MS corn crop. Common rust, gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and southern corn leaf blight are all present at low levels throughout the Delta. As of Wednesday (June 25, 2014), southern corn rust had only been observed in southeastern MS (Forrest, George, Greene, Jackson, Perry, and Stone counties).

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Programing a Surge Valve Updated

🕔10:30, 26.Jun 2014

We are having lots of questions concerning the proper set up of surge valves. First,   please consider some of the basic terminology associated with furrow irrigation. We encourage you to visit       and view the video before continuing. Phases

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Is My Soil Moisture Sensor Broke?

Is My Soil Moisture Sensor Broke? Updated

🕔07:43, 26.Jun 2014

The importance of soil moisture sensors is becoming more evident as we continue forward this growing season. Today (Monday, June 16th), we received a call regarding sensor readings that were assessed early this morning. The following are the data discussed in this scenario.

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How to Use Watermark Sensors to Assess Soil Moisture and Schedule Irrigation

How to Use Watermark Sensors to Assess Soil Moisture and Schedule Irrigation Updated

🕔00:37, 21.Jun 2014

Row crop irrigation needs are ramping up and one of the tools we can use to better assess soil moisture is Watermark sensors. This article describes how to analyze the data generated by sensors to help you better schedule irrigation.

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The Tassel Shot: When is the Best Time? Updated

🕔10:49, 6.Jun 2014

More and more corn growers are applying various management inputs around tassel stage in order to improve efficiency and corn productivity. This article discusses how crop physiology affects the appropriate timing and crop response.

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Tips to Improve Nitrogen Response for Mid-South Corn Updated

🕔11:59, 12.May 2014

Considering the abundant rainfall we experienced during April and typically have, it is usually very important to optimize nitrogen fertilizer management. This newsletter discusses best management practices for corn nitrogen fertilization. These recommendations reduce the risk of nitrogen loss and can improve crop response when wet weather is prevalent during the spring.

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Seeding Rates and other Grain Sorghum Planting Tips

Seeding Rates and other Grain Sorghum Planting Tips Updated

🕔17:00, 29.Apr 2014

Mississippi growers will likely plant far more acres to grain sorghum than previous years. This article outlines suggested seeding rates and other key planting tips for successful sorghum production.

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What is the Cut-Off Date for Planting Corn?

What is the Cut-Off Date for Planting Corn? Updated

🕔23:42, 11.Apr 2014

Much like last year, as rains delay corn planting progress, more concerns arise regarding the appropriate “cut-off” date for planting corn. This article states new guidelines for late corn plantings based upon recent MSU research.

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Key Issues to Address at Corn Planting

Key Issues to Address at Corn Planting Updated

🕔10:12, 25.Mar 2014

Corn planting can be a hectic time, but it pays to take care of business when planting corn. Here are some keys to a successful start and optimal corn yields.

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Is Super Early Corn Planting Really Critical? Updated

🕔20:52, 12.Mar 2014

March is here, anticipation is building and our fields may dry out soon, if rain holds off. So when should we start planting corn? This article gives tangible recommendations for determining suitable planting time when nature throws us curveballs.

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2014 Spring Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Wheat Updated

🕔09:03, 26.Feb 2014

Wet, saturated soils and variable environmental conditions certainly complicate issues associated with nitrogen fertilization of wheat fields in the Mid-South. This article gives guidelines for getting better wheat response to your fertilizer dollars.

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2014 MSU Grain Sorghum Hybrid Suggestions Updated

🕔17:38, 25.Feb 2014

Included are Mississippi State’s suggested grain sorghum hybrids for planting during the 2014 season. These hybrid recommendations are intended for dryland production.

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Bird Repellent Available to Protect Corn Seed Updated

🕔16:06, 21.Feb 2014

Mississippi has a 24c label allowing Avipel use on field or sweet corn seed for the purpose of repelling blackbirds and cowbirds. Thus, we no longer need to rely on an emergency condition to be declared. This newsletter will discuss different formulations and use of this product on corn seed.

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The Mississippi State University RISER Program: Efficient Methods for Furrow Irrigation Updated

🕔11:42, 12.Feb 2014

RISER irrigation approach reduces water use by 50% while maintaining yield potential.

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2013 MSU Corn Demonstration Program Results Updated

🕔23:03, 22.Jan 2014

The MSU Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program evaluates superior corn hybrids from numerous seed companies who participate in the MSU Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials. Our objective is to provide you more opportunity to evaluate premier corn hybrids and substantially supplement the information gathered in the University Hybrid Trials.

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Delta Ag Expo, Cleveland, MS – January 23 & 24, 2014

Delta Ag Expo, Cleveland, MS – January 23 & 24, 2014 Updated

🕔11:08, 11.Jan 2014

Attached please find the agenda for the Delta Ag Expo in Cleveland, MS. Make careful note that the dates of the meeting have changed from previous years due to a minor scheduling conflict with the Bolivar County Exposition Center.

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