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Golden, B.

Delta Research and Extension Center’s Agronomic Crops Field Day, June 17, 2014 Updated

🕔13:30, 30.May 2014

A corn, cotton, peanut, and soybean field day is scheduled for June 17th at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, MS. The general theme of the field day will include pertinent information for mid-season row crop issues.

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Armyworms in Rice Updated

🕔10:39, 23.May 2014

Similar to most years when we have armyworms in wheat, there is the threat of having armyworms in seedling rice. We know of at least one rice field in Mississippi that was sprayed earlier this week. In general, damage from armyworms will not impact rice yields at this time of year unless they are beginning to reduce plant stand. This is especially true in hybrid rice planted at low seeding rates.

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Protecting Your Preflood Nitrogen

Protecting Your Preflood Nitrogen Updated

🕔12:47, 16.May 2014

Maintaining nitrogen applied as a pre-flood application is an important topic for rice farmers. Nitrogen can be lost by at least three different methods, two of which are considered to be bad since the N will become unavailable for plant uptake.

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Insecticide Seed Treatments and Rice Water Weevil Management in Rice Updated

🕔20:53, 15.May 2014

A little rice has started to go to flood in Mississippi this week and that means it is time to start thinking about rice water weevil. Overall, the majority of the crop is behind because of all of the rain that we have had across the Delta over the last several weeks. In general, the rice that is currently being flooded was some of the earliest planted. As a result, the early rice has endured a lot of rainfall and adverse conditions.

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Soybean Seedling Emergence Issues: Environmental Stress Compounding Factors Updated

🕔20:38, 6.May 2014

A substantial number of soybean acres have been reported to be affected by seedling disease. However, the majority of the field seedling issues can be blamed on poor environmental conditions following the planting that occurred around Easter (between April 14 and 19) and some of the residual herbicide products applied.

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Tips to Improve Rice Fungicide Application Effectiveness Updated

🕔15:06, 3.May 2014

Before the rice season gets into the full swing, consider several important fungicide application strategies before the mid-season fungicide application. Preventing fungicide-resistance from developing is the first step in managing the issue.

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Rice Planting Date – Are We Too Late

Rice Planting Date – Are We Too Late Updated

🕔16:06, 25.Apr 2014

Many people ask why continue mundane planting date research don’t we have enough. Truth is, when talking about items such as planting date, and soil testing data that will be modeled, there is never enough data. The more data you

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Altered Corn Emergence – Compaction/Crusting Issues Updated

🕔14:29, 25.Apr 2014

I don’t have to tell any of you the amount of rainfall we have had over the last several weeks. Most of the rainfall we have receiving has been high intensity rainfall (i.e. all coming down at once). High intensity

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Bobby Golden Assigned Extension Responsibility for Mississippi Rice Updated

🕔16:03, 24.Apr 2014

Dr. Jeff Johnson, Head of the Delta Research and Extension Center, has assigned responsibility for Extension in rice to Dr. Bobby Golden.  Dr. Golden will serve in this capacity until a suitable candidate is identified for the Rice Agronomist/Extension Specialist

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Thinking About Planting Medium-grain Rice? Updated

🕔08:35, 11.Mar 2014

In Mississippi, research indicates that management of medium-grain varieties is similar to that of long-grain varieties.

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Future of Agriculture Graduate Student Competition Results Updated

🕔10:59, 11.Feb 2014

The results from the Second Annual Future of Ag Graduate Student Competition are included in this post.

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Don’t Overlook Zinc in your Corn Fertility Program

Don’t Overlook Zinc in your Corn Fertility Program Updated

🕔21:40, 7.Feb 2014

I have been fielding calls from many producers and consultants within the last week about zinc applications with corn planting season shortly around the corner.  Zinc deficiency in corn generally occurs early in the season (V2-V5) and manifests itself by

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Future of Agriculture Graduate Student Competition Program Updated

🕔11:31, 22.Jan 2014

On February 6th 2014, Mississippi State University will host the second annual “Future of Agriculture Graduate Student Competition”. The competition will be open to M.S. and Ph.D. students working in production agriculture.

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Delta Ag Expo, Cleveland, MS – January 23 & 24, 2014

Delta Ag Expo, Cleveland, MS – January 23 & 24, 2014 Updated

🕔11:08, 11.Jan 2014

Attached please find the agenda for the Delta Ag Expo in Cleveland, MS. Make careful note that the dates of the meeting have changed from previous years due to a minor scheduling conflict with the Bolivar County Exposition Center.

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2013 Small Plot Cotton Variety Trial – Final Data Updated

🕔17:09, 22.Dec 2013

Find below All data from the 2013 Small Plot Cotton Official Variety Trial. During 2013, small plot cotton variety trials were conducted near the following locations; Brooksville, Clarksdale, Itta Bena, Senatobia, Starkville, Stoneville, Tunica, and Verona. Variety trial data is segmented into

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2013 On-Farm Cotton Variety Trials Updated

🕔14:55, 19.Dec 2013

Each year the Mississippi State University Extension Service conducts numerous on-farm variety trials in cotton and other crops.  These data are intended to complement small plot official variety trial (OVT) data that are also generated by Mississippi State University personnel.

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Soybean Variety Suggestions for 2014 Updated

🕔14:55, 16.Dec 2013

Variety selection is one of the most critical management decisions associated with soybean production. Factors such as soil type, planting date, irrigation capabilities, row spacing, harvest capacity, and other crops grown all can influence the decision for selecting an appropriate

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There’s Good News About the Potassium in Your Soil Updated

🕔15:18, 13.Dec 2013

As you look over your fields this winter, be thankful for the tons of potassium (K) present in every acre. It is the most abundant mineral macro-nutrient on earth, which is good because most crops utilize large quantities of it.

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2013 Official Small Plot Cotton Variety Trials – Preliminary Data Updated

🕔15:17, 26.Nov 2013

Find below the Preliminary version of the 2013 Small Plot Cotton Official Variety Trial. During 2013, small plot cotton variety trials were conducted near the following locations; Brooksville, Clarksdale, Itta Bena, Senatobia, Starkville, Stoneville, Tunica, and Verona. Variety trial data

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Stubble Burning after Fall Fertilization – Am I Ok? Updated

🕔08:44, 13.Sep 2013

A common question that I have received from numerous consultants over the last several days is as follows.  Hey don’t hammer me, but what happens if we mistakenly burned our corn stubble after we spread fall mixed good fertilizer and

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Soybean Irrigation Termination Updated

🕔09:10, 4.Sep 2013

Determining when to terminate irrigation in soybean can be difficult. When making this decision, the goal is to make sure that adequate soil moisture is available to ensure that the soybean seeds reach maximum size. Terminating irrigation too soon can

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Soybean Irrigation Termination Turn-Row Field Day Updated

🕔18:41, 23.Aug 2013

Terminating soybean irrigation too early can result in lower yield due to decreased seed size. At the same time, irrigating when the crop no longer needs water can be a waste of time and resources. On Friday, August 30, 2013

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Soybean Minute Radio Program Updated

🕔11:30, 12.Jul 2013

The Soybean Minute is a new radio program that can be heard on the Mississippi AgriNews Network. These reports, sponsored by the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board and the United Soybean Board, offer the latest information on soybean production in Mississippi.

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Corn Foliar Disease Update: June 26, 2013 Updated

🕔16:30, 26.Jun 2013

Corn diseases continue to be a hot topic throughout the MS corn production area. Most field calls have been regarding common rust as well as northern corn leaf blight. However, over the past two weeks numerous calls regarding nutrient and irrigation stresses have been answered that were initially thought to be disease. In addition, with the recent information from Louisiana regarding the observation of Goss’s wilt in LA (a rare event in their production system) agriculturists should know that disease as well as crop stresses can be initially misdiagnosed as diseases that are not normally present in our production system such as Goss’s wilt.

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2012 Small Plot Official Cotton Variety Trials Updated

🕔18:16, 11.Feb 2013

Find below the final version of the 2012 Small Plot Cotton Official Variety Trial. During 2012, small plot cotton variety trials were conducted near the following locations; Clarksdale, Rolling Fork, Schlater, Senatobia, Starkville, Stoneville, Tribbett, Tunica, and Verona. Variety trial

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